Federal Republic of Penrith

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The Federal Republic of Penrith

Capital cityPenrith
Largest cityPenrith
Official language(s)English
GovernmentFederal Republic
- - PresidentLeam Mark Farrar
- - Chief ExecutiveVacant
LegislaturePenrith Republic Legislature
- Type - Unicameral
Area claimed404.9 km² (156.3 sq mi)
CurrencyAustralian Dollar
Time zone(UTC+10)
This nation is a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations

The Federal Republic of Penrith, commonly known plainly as Penrith is a micronational state that was originally founded on June 1, 2010 as New Wales as a Constitutional Monarchy and reformed to a Federal Republic on July 15 of the same year. The nation was founded by Leam Mark Farrar, who is currently serving as Caretaker President. Created as a non-serious micronation in the beginning; there were limitations from the start for New Wales, and on July 15; New Wales was dissolved and The Federal Republic of Penrith was born out of the ashes.

Penrith is currently looking for any interested member of the public who would like to become a citizen and/or form a political party and/or run for election to the legislature


The Municipality of Penrith was incorporated on 12 May 1871 under the Municipalities Act 1858. On 3 March 1890, St Marys was separately incorporated, and on 26 July 1893 and 9 September 1895, Mulgoa and Castlereagh followed respectively. In 1913, Mulgoa became the "A" Riding of the neighbouring Nepean Shire.

On 1 January 1949, the Municipalities of Penrith, St Marys and Castlereagh and part of the Nepean Shire amalgamated to form a new Municipality of Penrith. It was declared a City on 21 October 1959, and expanded westwards to include Emu Plains and Emu Heights, formerly part of the City of Blue Mountains, on 25 October 1963


The City of Penrith's overall medians on the key measures of advantage/disadvantage, unemployment and income vary little from metropolitan Sydney's median. The 2006 SEIFA index was 999.4 for the City overall, whilst the median individual and household incomes ($517 and $1,147 respectively) are almost the same as metropolitan Sydney's ($518 and $1,166). However, the median age of the City's residents was 32 compared to 35 in metropolitan Sydney, and more Penrith residents by proportion had TAFE certificates (55.8% vs 40.1%), whilst less held bachelor or higher degrees (18.4% vs 35.0%).

At census district level, the SEIFA scores in Penrith ranged from 769 (2nd percentile) to 1167 (96th percentile). The lowest scores were in St Marys in the east whilst the highest were in Glenmore Park and Orchard Hills in the south

Government and politics

The Federal Republic of Penrith is a multiple party state and Federal Republic with the legislature elected by the people every two years. The nation is represented by the Head of Government who is currently the President of the Federal Republic, who's role within the nation is much like the President of Germany, with the position being more ceremonial one than in presidential systems, with the President acting with the advice of the legislature. The president comes from the legislature and is elected to the position by the legislature, and when elected; a by-election is called for the seat. The only way a President can be removed from office is if he/she resigns (to which a new legislature election for President must be held within 30 days); or if the legislature calls a vote of no confidence in the President or the President calls a vote of no confidence in himself. The President is the Speaker of the legislature (in his absence, the Speaker Pro Tempore is in charge)

Underneath the President is the Chief Executive of Penrith, who is like the Prime Minister of a country and is the leader of the party within the legislature who holds a majority (currently 18 seats). The Chief Executive has all the powers of a Prime Minister, however; the President may override any law, but should the majority party have a 70% hold of seats in the legislature (currently 25 seats), then they may veto the override made by the President. The only way a Chief Executive can be removed from office is if he/she resigns (the party then elects a new leader), the legislature calls a vote of no confidence in the Chief Executive which is carried in the affirmative (to which a general election is immediately called); an opposition party gains a majority in the new legislature. The president may not dismiss the Chief Executive The Federal Republic of Penrith is divided into 35 seats (or wards), each electing one person to a seat.

National Cabinet

The national cabinet is appointed by the President and is made of member who may or may not be in the legislature. If a member appointed to the cabinet is a member of the legislature; then they must resign that position in order to accept the nomination to the cabinet. All cabinet appointments must be voted on by the legislature by a majority vote. Members of the Chief Executive's cabinet include:-

  • Secretary of State Affairs
  • Secretary of the Treasury
  • Secretary of Defense
  • Attorney General
  • Secretary of the Interior
  • Secretary of Agriculture
  • Secretary of Commerce
  • Secretary of Labor
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
  • Secretary of Transportation
  • Secretary of Energy
  • Secretary of Education
  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs
  • Secretary of Homeland Security

Law and order

The Federal Republic of Penrith has a three-tired legal system with the local courts, followed by the District courts and the Supreme Court. Currently; the Attorney Generalis acting as Chief Justice until parliament is announced and a nomination to Chief Justice, as well as all other judical places can be filled

Foreign relations

Currently; Penrith is working with the former diplomatic relations members of New Wales in order to keep their relationship open with the new micronation. The Federal Republic of Penrith is also applying to join several of the active micronational organizations that are open to nations. Any micronation wishing to begin talks into diplomatic relations; please contact Leam Farrar (Founder of The Federal Republic of Penrith). The Federal Republic of Penrith is currently a full voting member of the Organisation of Active Micronations


The Federal Republic Defence Force is the main defense mechanism in Penrith, consisting of the Federal Republic Army and Federal Republic Air Force. There is no need for a Navy since Penrith is a landlocked country. The National Defence Council is made up of the Chief of the Defence Force, Chief of the Army, Chief of the Air Force as well as the President, National Security Advisor and Minister for Defence

Geography and climate




Penrith has an official soccer league, known as the Penrith Premier League, which has 10 teams, underneath that is the Penrith First Division, which also has 10 teams. There is also many smaller city leagues; however, these are the two major leagues that are run under the Football Federation of Penrith (FFP). Penrith also has a 14-team rugby league competition named National Rugby League (sponsored by Nokia)


Penrith has it's own newspaper service, with the Federal Republic of Penrith News Service playing a major part in telling the world the news of the Republic, and keeping citizens informed. The nation is also in the process of creating a TV station

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