Pendit terram

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Pendit Terram
Pendit flag.png

celeri vindictae
inside the Radcliffe township
Capital cityN/A
Largest cityJewell
Official language(s)English, Tagalog
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameTerramia
Area claimed.3 acre
Time zoneCentral Daylight Time (non DLS observant)

pendit terram


The nation of pendit terram arouse in direct response to the annexation of privately held land. Empire of Pacems leader declared the lands maintained in Jewell as a territory of the empire. This caused the citizens to begin a clandestine operation or reclaim territory and wage a gorilla war on the fronts available at the time. This war was however was unfounded because the former Empire of Pacem has been dissolved. Upon learning of the dissolution of the once great empire Pendit Terram has begun the rebuilding its own infrastructure.