Paxlandic Space Agency

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Paxlandic Space Agency
PSA Logo

Motto Little things make a Big Difference

Current Projects Project ModelLaunch-1
Headquarters New North Fort, Kingdom of Paxland

Chief of Operations

King Cooper Narceus
Founded May 27, 2018

The Paxlandic Space Agency, or simply The PSA, was the organisation run by the Paxlandic Government charged with exploring outer space, or getting as close to outer space as it can. Founded on May 27, 2018, the same day that the Kingdom of Paxland was founded, by King Cooper Narceus, the PSA is the second largest scientific organization in the Kingdom of Paxland. The only rocket ships that they have been able to afford are 2 small model rockets, the GA-01 and the SGP-01.


Mostly, the Paxlandic Space Agency missions have been sending model rocket ships into the sky to observe their behaviors to make an actual rocket ship in the far future.

Current Missions

Project ModelLaunch-1

The Project ModelLaunch-1 Banner

Project ModelLaunch-1 is the PSA's first project. The ultimate goal is to put 2 functioning model rockets 805 meters in the sky. This ambition is almost accomplished, they just have to find a good place to launch the 2 rockets, the GA-01 and the SGP-01.