Paxlandic Military

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Paxlandic Military Logo
Paxlandic Military
FoundedMay 28th, 2018
Service branchesPaxlandic Army
HeadquartersRollerville, Province of Athland
Lord KnightLord Knight Prince Roger Girouski
Active personnel2
Reserve personnel0

The Paxlandic Military is an armed force responsible for protecting the Kingdom of Paxland and their allies. It is comprised of the Paxlandic Army only, since they do not have enough money to buy any ships or air vehicles. The military was founded on May 28, 2018, a day after the Kingdom of Paxland was founded. The military is very small with 2 servicemen, all of whom are in the Army.



The Paxlandic Military was founded on May 28, 2018, by King Cooper Narceus, first king of the Kingdom of Paxland, to protect the Kingdom of Paxland.

First Military Base

On May 31, 2018, the Girouxski Military Base, named after Lord Knight Prince Roger Girouxski, was built in the town of Rollerville, the Territory of New Dell. They have 3 weapons, 1 Shotgun and 2 Rifles.


The Military is led by the Lord Knight, who is currently Lord Knight Prince Roger Girouxski. The Paxlandic Army is led by the Lord Knight, as well.

Paxlandic Army

The Paxlandic Army is the land warfare branch of the Paxlandic Military, and is the largest branch, with 2 members. There is only 1 army base, which is the Girouxski Military Base in the town of Rollerville, the Territory of New Dell


Name Location Operator Unit(s) Created Notes
Girouxski Military Base Rollerville, Territory of New Dell Paxlandic Army N/A May 31, 2018 The oldest base in existence.