Paolo Emilio I

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Paolo Emilio I
Leader of Trebia (self proclaimed)
Predecessor Throne established
Full name
Paolo Emilio Regno
Born 28 July 1999 (1999-07-28) (age 21)
Panama City, Panama
Occupation Student, philosopher and artist (as of 2015)
Religion Roman Catholic

Paolo Emilio I is the self proclaimed leader of Trebia. He intends to establish a Catholic Monarchy.

Born Paolo Emilio in Panama City, he has dedicated his youth to the study of theology, humanities and science. He plays the clarinet and has scientific knowledge in many fields, and also has design skills in fields such as architecture and weapons design.

Recently, he has dedicated to reading Classical Western philosophers, such as Aristotle, and the Church Fathers, mainly St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas.

He also runs a spanish blog defending Catholic Tradition called Gesta Tradicionalista

Career within the trebian state

The self proclaimed secessionist leader decided to start the Trebian Cause in late 2013, inspired by his passion at history and his Catholic faith. Seeing the inefficiency of democracy, he has set up his cause to return to the Monarchy, and crushing so called political correctness. By establishing the Kingdom of Trebia, he seeks to institute a monarchy, and provide a future for younger generations of Catholics yet to come.

Paolo is a traditional Catholic and a reactionary. He supports Christian tradition, as well as a hierarchy present in society. He has long supported the monarchy, calling it more efficient than the corrupt and weak democracy.

Political compass
His Political compass