Patriotic Coalition

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Patriotic Coalition
Coalition of Cascadian Patriots
ChairmanBuster McCovey
Vice ChairmanCali Bear
General SecretaryCookie the Cat
Slogan"For a brighter Cascadia!"
Founded20 May 2019
Dissolved15 August 2019 (suspended operations)
IdeologyCascadian nationalism
Cascadian patriotism
Green politics
Animal rights
Stuffy rights
Political positionCentre-left
Official colorsRed
Cascadian National Assembly
9 / 14

The Cascadian Patriotic Coalition (informally, the "Coalition of Cascadian Patriots") was a centre-left Cascadian nationalist and patriotic political coalition in Cascadia. It was founded on May 20, 2019 following a series of elections that brought Cali Bear into the Presidency following Cascadian independence and the Cascadian War. The Coalition was formed after the Patriotic Party and People's Patriotic Party failed to gain enough seats for a majority in the National Assembly. It was decided that they would unite for the common causes of socialism, nationalism, and patriotism to form a coalition government. Patriotic Party high-ranker, Buster McCovey, was elected as General Secretary and thus would become Prime Minister of Cascadia while the People's Patriotic Party Chairman, Titus Smith, would become President of the Coalition's Central Committee. On June 14, it was decided that the two parties of the coalition would merge under the Patriotic Party banner, flag, and ideology. However, the Cascadian National Union Party, agreed to join the coalition which swung the Socialist coalition into a more centre-left and centrist position. The Coalition later joined forces with the Liberal Democrats when they splintered off from both the PWP and CNUP. After the August 2019 elections, all Cascadian parties agreed to form a national unity government under the National Unity Coalition, effectively suspending operations of the Patritoic Coalition during the 2nd Congress of the National Assembly.