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The Patrician calendar is a calender system set up by Thomas I, Emperor of Myrotania. Instead of AD (Anno Domini - Latin for in the year of our lord) for the Gregorian calendar; the Patrician calendar is revolved around Saint Patrick and therefore has OP (Ó Pádraig - Irish Gaelic for since Patrick)

Since the calender revolves around St. Patrick instead of Jesus, the years start from the year after the year of the death of St. Patrick (which is AD460) so AD461 = 1ÓP, 462=2, 463=3, etc. 2013 = 1553 ÓP.

In the Patrician Calendar, there are 13 months instead of 12 and are named as so:

  • Gaimí (29 days)
  • Ailemí (28 days)
  • Bláthmí (28 days)
  • Errachmí (28 days)
  • Núabrethmí (28 days)
  • Goradmí (28 days)
  • Samí (28 days)
  • Lughféilmí (28 days)
  • Nómadmí (28 days)
  • Daigmí (28 days)
  • Fochmuinemí (28 days)
  • Snechtamí (28 days)
  • Notlaicmí (28 days / 29 days on leap years, corresponding with the leap years on the Gregorian Calendar)

As you can see, each month has 28 days apart from Gaimí which has 29 and Notlaicmí which has 29 every 4 years.