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Paruthian Republic
Paruturische Republiek

File:Seal of Sapienia.png
Coat of Arms

Claimed Territory by Paruthia
Territories controlled by Paruthia is in green

"Unitatis inter Homines"
Unity into Humanity

CapitalFort Accau

Official languagesDutch


GovernmentSenatorial Republic under Federal System
 • SenatorsShady Morsi
Arthur Grunteau
Bjorn deWitt
 • High Representative Shady Morsi

LegislatureParuthian Senate

Established14 April 2020



Paruthia offcialy the Paruthian Republic is a self proclaimed sovereign state being entirly surrounded by the Netherlands, and Madagaskar founded by Shady Morsi and Bjorn deWitt The Paruthian Republic has declared itself a nation, but it is not recognized as a country by the United Nations or any major government. the republic is a simulationist nation altough Morsi declared that it may get serious if there is potential With an area of 12 hectares plus the claim of Nosy Manomboy island in Madagascar and a population of about 23 ,it is the smallest sovereign state in the world by both area and population.

The government of the Paruthian Republic is influenced by the Roman Republic and Senatorialism the republic's government is entirly monistic, there is no formal head of state or seperation of powers. Altough the High Representative represents the country in foreign affrairs and they are considered to be the Paruthian government's minister of foreign affairs.

An flat country, Paruthia is flat, with the Highest point being Fort Accrau (15 meters) The country has a strong financial sector centered and although not a member of the European Union, it participates in both the Schengen Area and the European Economic Area. It also has a customs union and a monetary union with the Netherlands.

Paruthia is a democratic, semi-developed micronation which scores 3.7 on Dresner's system of Classification. In addition, it is a "6th World" micronation, according to the Whole Picture calculation of the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification and Dan's System of Classification. On Miles' Scale of Economic Potential, Paruthia scores a 5.