Party of the International Right

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Party of the International Right
General SecretaryEren Lewis
Founded16th April, 2015
HeadquartersUnited Kingdom of New Elmhurst
Membership  (parties)1
Ideology • Big Tent • Conservatism
Political positionCenter-Right • Right Wing • Far Right
Official colorsBlack

The Party of the International Right was founded on April the 4th, 2015 as a move against the recently formed Party of the International Left, by Eren Lewis.


The PIR is a big tent organisation, allowing all parties that adhere to a right wing ideology in them. When founded, the PIR had one member, that being the National Socialist New Elmhurstian People's Party. The NSNEPP was a National Socialist political party. However, the PIR has the intention to grow, having more right wing organisations join it.