Parti de Brigade des Électeur Fem-garçon

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Parti de Brigade des Électeur Fem-garçon
SpokespersonLeon Montan
Chef de Brigade d'Électeurs de Fem-garçonJayden Lycon
Parliamentary leaderZarel Smith (Planned)
IdeologySatirical politics
Bobist democracy
Pro-renaming boneless chicken wings
Political positionSyncretic
0 / 13
0 / 6
0 / 4

The Parti de Brigade des Électeur Fem-garçon is a proposed French satirical political party in Abeldane. Like the Bloc Québécois, it does not have an English name.


The proposed policies of the party are:

  • To rename the consumable commonly known as a boneless chicken wing to the general term of "trash"
  • To make Bobism the official religion of Abelden
  • To put Big Chungus on the Abelden coat of arms
  • To move the Abeldane capital to a private Bin Weevils server
  • Form a Kool-Aid addiction ministry
  • Mandate daily listenings of Hamilton songs
  • To make right hand driving for all east-west roads and left hand driving for all north-south roads
  • Rename the nation as the Dabeldanes Empire and rename the Discord server as Abeldane
  • Remove the 1 cent, 2 cent, and half trimole banknote and adopt rounding
  • Change the national anthem to the Ethiopian banger Feta Feta
  • Mandate all Abeldane citizens purchasing a pair of "femboy socks"
  • Establishing a tax break for all "femboy socks" purchased
  • To make grass slurpee the national drink of Abelden
  • To open up Greggs on every port of entry


A party in the Abeldane Empire which represents TOES views was long been desired by Leon Montan and other members of TOES. Hamas was the first attempted party established by Montan on 29 August 2020. Lycon later joined, but opposed certain views and wanted the party to become more sarcastic and less affiliated to the macro-counterpart, due to the various actions done by the macro-counterpart. Lycon negotiated a deal with Zarel Smith to spilt and create the Based Party if Montan didn't agree to various changes, mostly focused on ideology. However, the party application was later denied.

Lycon later asked Montan and other TOES members on another name, which was agreed to the current party name, completely splitting off any affiliation between the macro-counterpart. Similarly, ideologies were amended to remove any focus on the Palestine-Israel issue. Originally, Lycon chose Shrekism as the religion, but after an agreement with Montan to add Shrek into the Bible of Bob, its religion was to be Bobism.

Electoral results


Election Spokesperson Votes Seats Position Government Ref.
No. % No. +/-
2020 III Leon Montan TBD TBD
0 / 13