Prefecture of Parsrid

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Prefecture of Parsrid
Préfétareo du Parsrid
Parsrid Flag.jpeg
Anthem: Hail the Capital
CapitalParsrid (city-Prefecture)
Official languagesEfrasachin
DemonymEfrasachin (National) Parsrisilean (Prefectural)
GovernmentEfrasachin Prefecture
• Prefect of Parsrid
LegislatureParsrisilean Legislative Comittee (3)
• Foundation
October 11, 2018
• Area
0.008 km2 (0.0031 sq mi)
• Water (%)
0.2% (Only after it Rains)
• Land (%)
• 2019 estimate
Time zoneEastern Standard (UTC-4)
Date formatdd/mm/yy (CE)
Drives on theright

Parsird, officially the Prefecture of Parsrid (Efrasachin: Préfétareo du Parsrid) is one of four Prefectures of the Province of Efrasaduro, as well as the capital of the Kingdom of Efransa. The Prefecture is governed as all other Prefectures, with the Prefect of Parsrid serving as its leader.

Parsrid, along with Limone, are the only consolidated Prefecture-Municipalities. They are, like all other Prefectures, administered by the Prefect of Parsrid. Unlike most, along with Limone, Parsrid is one of two Prefectures with a Legislative Committee.


The name “Parsrid”, like the name of Efransa as a whole, derives from the capitals of France and Spain, Paris, and Madrid. A person from Parsrid is a Parsrisilean.


The Commune of Gravi within Parsrid was the first territory claimed by the first Kingdom of Efransa. This later expanded into Sena Arable, followed by Herspeb. Many events have taken place in Parsrid, such as the Attack against the Viscount Chatham, which has happened multiple times, and is now a state holiday.

Parsrid has remained the capital territory through all of Efrasachin history, as such the first meetings of the various executives, legislatures, and courts have taken place here. The Trial of the Viscount Chatham for treason took place at the Premier’s Bench, in the Crown Court.

Parsrid also borders the Prison of Fencia, a historically independent nation, now the first Prison.

Politics and Government

The Government of Parsrid is modeled after the national government. The Prefect of Parsrid is appointed by the Governor of Efrasaduro and is vested with all executive power. The Prefect acts in a similar manner to Prefects and Mayors in other Prefectures/Cities.

The Legislative Committee is vested with the legislative power of the Prefecture. The Prefect of Parsrid serves as the presiding officer, while a Councilman is selected from each of two Districts. The General Court of Efrasaduro has original jurisdiction within Parsrid.

Parsrid is a Social Democratic stronghold. All officials ever elected from Parsrid have been members of said party. Parsrid’s voting record is 100% for the Social Democrats. It, along with Catazur, effectively controls the Efrasaduron Assembly seats.

Geography and Climate

Parsrid has no natural water source, other than some pools of water formed after rain. Parsrid consists of three geographic regions: the sand area the gravel area, and the surrounding grass field, organized into the three Communes, Sena Arable, Gravi, and Herspeb. The Prison of Fencia forms part of the border between Gravi and Herspeb.

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