Paradise Island Imperial Cult

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Paradise Island Imperial Cult
French: Culte Impérial de Paradise Island
Latin: Cultus Imperialis Paradisus Insula
TypeCatholic Imperial cult
ClassificationCatholic Messianism
GovernanceNone; absent
StructureNone; absent
God-EmperorAlexander I
RegionEmpire of Paradise Island
LanguageEnglish, French, Ecclesiastical Latin
HeadquartersParadise City, Forbidden City, Empire of Paradise Island
FounderAlexander I
Church buildingsNone; absent

The Paradise Island Imperial Cult or Imperial Cult of Paradise Island (French: Culte Impérial de Paradise Island; Latin: Cultus Imperialis Paradisus Insula) is a Catholic Messianic imperial cult dedicated to the worship of the Emperor of Paradise Island as a god and as the divine incarnation of the Holy Trinity, basically God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and ensuring loyalism and protection in Paradise Island and the Paradise Island Galaxy. It is also the state religion of the Empire of Paradise Island.

I sworn oath of undying loyalty to Liberty, Equality, Justice, and to the God-Emperor of Paradise Island.

— Islandese Citizen's Oath of Allegiance.

Adore the God-Emperor, For he is our Lord-Protector. Admire the God-Emperor, For his Compassion for Mankind. Exalt the God-Emperor, For his equal guidance. Revere the God-Emperor, For his undying guard. Venerate the God-Emperor, For his Holy Wisdom. Honor the God-Emperor, For his Eternal Strength. Glorify the God-Emperor, For his All Seeing Vision. Praise the God-Emperor, For his Unending rule. Hail the God-Emperor, For he is Lord and Master. Worship the God-Emperor, For without him we are nothing. Love the God-Emperor, For he is the Lord of Compassion, Selflessness and Love. Remember the God-Emperor, For he is the Son of God.

— Imperial Creed.

Oh Almighty God-Emperor. Our light and voice that guides us. Through the night of the vast Universe. Our light, our Glory. Forgive us, for our misguided hatred and for our selfishness. You have worked so hard to achieve for what we cannot. To free us from the danger of Darkness and from our sins. God-Emperor of All Paradise Island. God-Emperor of All Mankind. Son of the Almighty God. Forgive us for what we have done. For we seek redemption. For we demand your divine mercy.

— Imperial Lament.