Republic of Parabica

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Republic of Parabica
Parabican Flag.pngParabican National Arms.png

Pro patria vivere! (Live for your country!)
Hays, Texas, United States
Capital cityNorth Canal City
Largest citySouth Canal City
Official language(s)English
Short nameParabica
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
- PresidentEverett Flynn
Established25 September 2011
Area claimed20234 m²
CurrencyParabican Dollar
Time zone(CST)
National animalHouse Sparrow

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The Republic of Parabica, more commonly referred to as Parabica (pɛr-ʌ-bɪk-ʌ), is a micronation located in central Texas in the United States. It was founded on 25 September 2011. The system of government is a constitutional republic.


Para- is an English prefix meaning "beside" and bica is a corruption of the English word "Birch", as in a birch tree.


Old Parabica

The old Parabican flag

The land that would become Old Parabica was settled by Viridian Fields on 1 February 2002. Parabica declared independence from the United States on September 25, 2011, with Viridian taking position as monarch of the newly founded nation. At the time, Parabica's capital was Peryrius.

Following its founding, Parabica experienced a mass exodus as 2 people, over a quarter of the population, immigrated to the United States. After this Parabica experienced a golden age of prosperity which lasted until the early 2012.

Invasion and Coup

In early 2012, Parabica experienced a massive invasion of foreign soldiers. The original territory was evacuated in March 2012 and Parabica's citizens were transported to a new, larger territory 3.4 kilometers away. Upon arrival, King Viridian resumed his reign as monarch. The US regained control of the old territory and presumably eradicated the foreign soldiers.

In the wake of evacuation, Parabica's economy steadily declined. On 25 June 2015, with unrest growing, opponents of the crown seized the opportunity to stage a coup which overthrew King Viridian, ending his three and a half year reign. Everett Flynn was elected as President while Viridian was sent to prison.

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Modern Parabica

Government and politics

Law and order

Foreign relations


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