Pangavian Communist Workers' Party

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Pangawische Kommunistische Arbeiterpartei (ger)
Pangavian Communist Workers' Party (eng)
Пангавская коммунистическая рабочая партия (rus)
蓬高共产主义工人党 (cmn)
Pkap flag.png
Established 1 March 2016

Country Pangavianpdrflag.png Pangavian People's Democratic Republic

Chairperson of the Central Committee (primus inter pares) Liana Dubsky

Anthem The Internationale

Ideology Maoism

Political position Far-left

Youth Wing Communist Youth Organization (Kommunistischer Jugendverband)

Party newspaper Hammer - Sichel - Feder (Hammer - sickle - quill)

Headquarters Bischofshofen

The Pangavian Communist Workers' Party is the governing party of the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic, acting as the so-called vanguard party. It currently holds 17 out of 22 seats in the National People's Assembly.