Pangavian Civil War

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Pangavian Civil War
Date 4 August 2017 - 5 September 2017 (armistice since 29 August 2017)
Location Pangavia
Result Recognition of the PPDR in exchange for releasing claims on UCG-occupied territories
Pangavianpdrflag.png Pangavian People's Democratic Republic United Civic Guards
Pangavianpdrflag.png HoK. Paula Moser
Pangavianpdrflag.png General Heinrich Mitterer
Josef Maurer
~1,200 ~300

The Pangavian Civil War is an ongoing conflict in the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic, having ensued after communist troops took control of city councils in the area, but certain, relatively remote areas in the South and East of the country remained in control of their respective territories, lead by the anti-communist United Civic Guards. On 29 August 2017, a temporary armistice treaty was signed between the two conflict parties.


The temporary armistice has been transformed into a permanent armistice on 5 September 2017. The United Civic Guards in accordance with the Republic of Austria de-facto recognized the independence of the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic, however, parts of the originally claimed area were granted to the Republic of Austria.