Dharmic International Political Authority

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Dharmic International Political Authority

"Peace through unity, unity through Dhamma" (English)
एकतायाम् शान्तिः। धर्मेण एकता॥ (Sanskrit)
Heart Sutra (Imee Ooi)
N / A
Capital cityEgyptia, DIPA Controlled Territory, FSF
Official language(s)English
Short nameDIPA
- High RajaVidhur
Population9 (registered) ~2,000,000,00 (All Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, and Sihks are de jure members)
Time zoneGMT (UTC0)
National animalSnow Lion


DIPA was formed in 2012 as a reformation of the previous "pan-dharmic" spiritual-political organization Non-territorial Dharmic Nation under Avalokiteshvara by Vidhur.


DIPA is ruled primarily by a dynasty of High Rajas (the current ruling dynasty is the Fleming Dynasty), with semi-sovereigns known as Rajas (Sanskrit: राजा, Nominative singular of राजन्). Rajas have control over sects


Some of the main aims of DIPA are as follow:

  1. Reconstruct pagan religions
  2. Document, protect, and preserve culture and religions
  3. Protect Dharma
  4. Promote pandharmicism
  5. Promote Meditation
  6. Protect Beyuls and other holy sites


a sect is a grouping of people (usually religious) governed by first by the High Raja and second by a democratically elected "Minor Raja".