Pan-Elmhurstian Party

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Pan-Elmhurstian Party
LeaderEren Lewis
FoundedMay 20th, 2015
HeadquartersLewis City
Youth wingYoung Pioneers of New Elmhurst
IdeologyNew Elmhurstian Nationalism
Official coloursYellow, Red, White

The Pan-Elmhurstian Party is the largest and only legal party in the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst. It is based on the idea of the creation of a sovereign, independent, Greater New Elmhurstian State. The party holds the idea that all land within a mile of Lewis City belongs to the United Kingdom. It also holds the idea that the New Elmhurstian people are an independent ethnicity that deserve their own state.
The Pan Elmhurstian Party holds the view that the only way for the state to be run is through a totalitarian dictatorship, with a Constitutional Monarch as the ceremonial head of state.