Paloman dinero

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Paloman dinero
100 Paloman Dinero coin (Obverse).png
10 Paloman Dinero 2020.jpg
Official users Paloma
Flag of the Grand Duchy of Sayville.png GDS
Flag of the Islamic Socialist Arab Republic.svg ISAR
Pegged toUSD$1.6
Coins1¢, 2$
Banknotes$50, $100
Central bankMinistry of State Treasury
PrinterMinistry of State Treasury
MintQuebecois State Mint

The Paloman Dinero is the currency of the Free Socialist State of Paloma and unofficially used in the Grand Duchy of Sayville and the Islamic Socialist Arab Republic. It is considered one of the Hard currencies of the Great Lakes Council with some members adopting it as the official currency.

Currency in Paloma first started with the Paloman Peso shorty after Paloma's founding. The Peso was replaced with the Dinero in December of 2019 to avoid confusion with the Mexican Peso. The Paloman Dinero is pegged to the United States dollar and has the same exchange rate.


Currently circulating, Paloman Dinero banknotes date from the first series that were made by Aidan McGrath in 2019.

Image Value Colour Description Date of Issue
10 Quebecois dollars PFQ.jpg $10 White, black and green Aidan McGrath 29 November 2020
50 Quebecois Dollars Stalin.jpg $20 White, black and blue Aidan McGrath 29 November 2020
100 Quebecois Dollars Lenin.jpg $100 White, black and red Aidan McGrath 29 November 2020


Image Value
Colour Description


Reverse Obverse Reverse Description Date of Issue
20 Paloman Dinero coin (Obverse) 20 Paloman Dinero coin (Reverse) $20 Brass plated Zinc President Aidan McGrath and Vice President Jack Morris 20 Dinero listed on back in Spanish and Braille with the national motto, surrounded by a Laurel wreath Highest coin ammount 14 March 2020
20 Paloman Dinero coin (Obverse) 20 Paloman Dinero coin (Reverse) $1 3d printed plastic Persona of Paloma Second highest coin ammount 21 April 2021