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Ubic Pelezu (sdk)
—  Municipality of New Rogaland and capital of Nedland  —
The districts consisting Palazu highlighted in magenta, with Mahusetan Lundenland and Paravian Zelenarus highlighted in yellow, and Arefinistan highlighted in blue.

Motto: We touch the sky
Country Nedland
Department New Rogaland
Founded 29 April 2015
 - Mayor Ned Gunderson
Population (October 2020)
 - Total 16
 - Metro area 16
  2020 estimate
Demonym Palazian (Palazie)
Location 3KM south of Washington

Palazu (Norwegian: Slott, Šlovedkian: Pelezu, German: Palastenberg) is a municipality and the capital of the Khanate of Nedland, as well as the capital of New Rogaland. It is perhaps the region's most important city, being located on the Turan River. It is also part of the historical microethnic region of Šlovedkia, and had a population of 16 as of 16 October 2020. Once boasting one of the largest populations of a physical city in the micronational community (38 at its height), during a series of downsizings, the population toppled downwards after an initial unprecedented boom. The city has now lost an estimated 58% of its population from its peak to date, and that is estimated to expand to at least a 66% drop by the end of the year; in this sense it mirrors a sort of micronational Detroit, Michigan, which has lost a comparable 64% of its peak population. Palazu previously had two suburbs, Zelenarus and Arefinistan, but during the downsizing of Nedland these territories were eventually incorporated into the city proper once the latter's population shrank critically.

It is home to 5 Telemarts, and hosts a baseball team, the Palazu Kamikazes. The city at one point also hosted a football team, Palazu FC, which was scheduled to compete in the Micronational Rocket League, but never did due to an inability to acquire the game. As of July 2019, the unemployment rate in Palazu was 58.3%, up from 15.4% in February, but had improved considerably to an estimated 40% by 16 October, with a 17% drop in the workforce size. The city is considered to be experiencing an economic depression.

The now-uninhabited Šerenský čirnušskij štvrte, or the Sheranese Township, is the tallest building in Palazu, standing at 80 feet tall, or about 25 meters.


Historical population
2015 3—    
2016 3+0.0%
2017 38+1166.7%
2018 27−28.9%
2019 17−37.0%
2020 16−5.9%
2020 (proj.) 13−18.8%

Ethnicity and race

The city is 43.8% Bangladeshi groups and 56.2% Slovedks. The following is the racial or ethnic makeup of the city, based on US census standards:

  • 43.8% Asian
  • 37.5% Hispanic
  • 18.7% White

Additionally, children aged 0 to 17 account for 18.7% of the population, and are 100% Hispanic.


The following were the religious demographics of Palazu as of 16 October:


The following were the estimated and unconfirmed sex demographics of Palazu as of 2020:

  • 68.7% Male
  • 31.3% Female


43.8% of the population spoke English as a first language, with 25.0% speaking Bengali, 18.8% speaking Sylheti, and 12.5% speaking Spanish as a primary language. 87.5 percent of the population was fluent in English.

Opinions on homosexuality

When opinions of Palazian adult citizens were tallied on various LGBT issues, or homosexual behavior, 100 percent of the population was found to be opposed to homosexual behavior, gay marriage and gay acceptance, and 92 percent believed that homosexual activity should be fully banned by law, with one citizen having no opinion. In addition, an estimated 31 percent supports the death penalty for homosexual behavior, entirely among the Muslim population, in accordance with sharia law.


In 2020, the poverty rate was estimated at 18.8%. The fertility rate was calculated to be about 2.5 children per woman.


Much of the "Downtown" area is located on a steep hill that runs up several hundred feet to a flat plateau, which continues past the North Side of the city. The Turan River passes the Rif and Addis Kefa areas. It passes under the Armenobactria Overpass and runs on a controlled flow through South Arlington, and eventually feeds into the Potomac.


Buildings in the city and much of its surrounding area are garden apartment and mid-1960s project developments. On the East Side, however, there is a large concentration of newer, high quality low income housing projects built in the late 2000s and early 2010s. There are also duplex houses lining the main streets of the West Side, and also in one instance adjacent to the latter developments.

The West Side's outer fringes are characterized by largely 1940s apartment buildings and, more importantly, duplexes in pairs of two and four, with yards and low-lying iron fences. Most of the North and South sides are garden apartments, but some newer development is also mixed in. Palazu Proper is the one exception to this rule, being a 1960s-era building. The tallest building, the Sheranese Township, was built in the 1980s and stands at 80 feet tall. It is considered to be the "ugliest building in the city" by many residents.


Palazu is very safe to traverse during day hours. However, it is advised not to traverse streets with fewer than five people on them between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM. Muggings are reported at least twice a week according to the crime report, but it is expected that there are more muggings than this; shots fired are reported every 1 to 2 months.

Since the eastern New Rogaland region is spread over a series of hills, no tornado has occurred in recent history that has affected Palazu. Flash flooding has become an increasing problem in the city, with flooding low-lying areas such as Addis Kefa and Yatiti becoming an almost-certainty during moderately powerful thunderstorms. Streets are flooded typically with up to three feet of water during these events, due to critically poor drainage systems.

In 2019, it was discovered that the brick facade of the Palazu borough was failing, and bricks were falling on both cars and individuals. Masonry work is now being done to correct the problem.


The following is a list of boroughs, or officially designated neighborhoods, of Palazu, with their respective populations in parentheses:

Twin cities

Palazu is twinned with: