Padang Hijau

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District of Padang Hijau
Daerah Padang Hijau
دايره ڤادڠ هيجاو
Daeghoh Padang Ija

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District of Bascal
Motto: Daerah Aman
Peaceful district
Central Bascal
CapitalLimpah Budu town
Area2nd largest district
Padang Hijau is a district in Bascal

Padang Hijau is a district located in the State of Bascal. It is the second largest district in Bascal after Hutan Sembelih. Padang Hijau borders with Longkang district at the west, Hutan sembelih at the north, Singapore Street A.D, Ayer and Pagar Karat to the east as well as Kamp Basca D.C and Bukit Guling to the south. The capital of Padang Hijau is Limpah Budu town.


The word Padang Hijau comes from Malay word for Green field or Green plains. Padang Hijau is named due to it's lush green plains and many different types of trees.


Padang Hijau is one of the few places in Bascal which is still heavily green and less urbanised. Padang Hijau is largely rural and is connected by few roads to Pagar Karat and Kamp Basca D.C. Although Padang Hijau shares border with Singapore Street A.D, Bukit Guling, Ayer and Longkang, it has no road connections to any of these districts, it need to pass through Kamp Basca D.C (via Jalan Taman) and Pagar Karat (via Jalan Kucing Mapuh). Limpah Budu town is the only urban area in the district, it has one main road named "Jalan Ghok" that stretches from Nangka square to downtown Limpah Budu.


Padang Hijau has the most number of areas due to it's size.

1. Limpah Budu (Capital)

2. Padang Tengoh

3. Padang Bowoh

4. Pokok Pisang

Former areas

1. Taman (now under the administration of Kamp Basca D.C)

2. Longkang (now an independent district)


Padang Hijau is connected by a thin road near Singapore Street-Padang Hijau border. It connects Kamp Basca to Limpah Budu town.