PYLØ (Rikuchreb Congress)

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Congress of the Public Fact
Pak Yitü sü ĕ Lizøçÿ Øka
NFOR LesserCoat.png
TypeNoncameral legislature
MembersAll Citizens of Rikuchar
Political groups     Freedom Left Party of Rikuchar

     Conservative People's Party of Rikuchar

Voting systemInstant-Runoff
Meeting place
PYLØ Post #1,Dizbe, U.G.

The Pak Yitü sü ĕ Lizøçÿ Øka (English:Congress of the Public Fact) or PYLØ, is the lower of the 2 congresses of the government of the Ijivate of Rikuchar. All citizen voters of Rikuchar are members of the PYLØ, and all have an equal vote on any proposals or bills that are passed through it. The PYLØ can also draft bills or proposals, unlike the ZPY.