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Established 1 July 2018
Country The Bradlon Empire
Type State owned research center
Fields of Research Astronomy, Aeronautics, Rocketry, Engineering & Mechanical Engineering
General information
Headquarters Bentia, The Bradloan State of the Domolican Empire

PROCYON is the national aero-space agency of the Bradloan Empire. Through the merger of two previously independent collective organizations,PROCYON was formed on 1 July 2018. PROCYON is responsible for research, technology development and the launch of the PROCYON Rocket Series, and is the micronational program the is pushing to reach past the karman line to win the micronational space race.


On 1 July 2015, two organizations were merged to form the new PROCYON & PROJKT11. PROCYON was formed as an Independent Administrative Institution administered by the spreading wildifire of aeronautical technological advancements urged under the Council of Domolican Brethren. Before the merger, PROJKT11 was responsible for space and planetary observation.


PROCYON is composed of the following organizations.

  • PROJKT11
  • Wikonga Space Agency

PROCYON has research centers in many locations in the Bradloan Empire. Its headquarters are in the Bentia Territory. It also has

  • Parttenasias Rocketry and Engineering Laboratory (PREL) - located in Parttenasias
  • Bentia Jet Propulsion Center (BJPC) – located in Bentia, and established in July 2018. It carries out development and testing of rocket engines.
  • Todzou Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (TMEL) – Development for technological strides for rocket telemetry and CubeSats
  • Bentia Space Center in bentia. This is the center of Domolica's rocketry. It is involved in research and development of rockets, tracking and control. rockets. It is also the launch site for sounding experimental rockets.


PROCYON uses the PROCYON B-class rockets developed by PROJKT11 team and its variant C-class rockets to launch past the karman line. For science missions like aerial observation, PROCYON uses the short-range B-class rockets . For experiments in the higher altitude PROCYON planned to use the PROCYON-VII, VII & IX.


Prior to the establishment of PROCYON, Domolica's liquid fuel engineering and testing (or PROJKT11), which is the predecessor of PROCYON, had been successful in its progress in the field of fluid dynamics and rocket science in mid-2018. Additional success was achieved with test rockets launched before the C-class rockets.

PROCYON was mostly active in the field of rocket science, engineering and aerodynamics. However, since the rocket industry of Domolica is completely open, the PROCYONresearch institute for the first time started to develop liquid fuel engines. Another prime focus of the PROJKT11 is future Domolican liquid fuel rockets.