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Northwood-Oregon (/ˈnɔɹ.θwʊd-ˈɔɹ.əˌgən/), officially the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon, is a micronation located in Northwest Ohio, USA which was founded on 29 September 2020. The Kingdom has one hundred and one citizens with sixty-two of those citizens residing directly in land claimed by the Kingdom. Those not residing around land claimed by the Kingdom are not able to become citizens, instead, these people can be granted honorary citizenship which only four people currently hold.

The claims of the Kingdom are comprised of various noncontiguous member states, baronies, and sovereign land. Currently, there are two states ruled directly by the Sovereigns and seven member states, six of which are duchies and one being a principality. A variety of baronies are also claimed, generally being a single house ruled by a baron or baroness, baronies can remain independent parts of the Kingdom or can become associated with a member state. Sovereign land is also claimed, a term used to denote any land claimed that isn't a member state nor a barony, the most notable land claimed under this doctrine is Turtle Island.

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The Duchy of Propinquity was a Duchy founded on 11 October 2020 by Duchess Sarah as part of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. It was located in Oregon, Ohio, USA and was notable as being the first member state of the Kingdom ruled by a female. It was later dissolved to become the Queensland.

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The flag of Northwood-Oregon is

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  • ...That Northwood-Oregon's official motto is "C'est Pour De Bon" or "It's For Good" in English?
  • ...That votes in the Royal Deluge are weighed based on the population of each member's respective state?
  • ...That Northwood-Oregon was tied in 6th place in the CA Member States Positivity Survey in 2021?
  • ...That the Duchy of Clay has the most physical flags of the Kingdom with a total of three?
  • ...That Northwood-Oregon met with representatives from the Kingdom of Pibocip to sign a mutual recognition treaty?


Pictured: Duke Caleb standing in the Duchy of Scarberriville.