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Baustralia (/bəˈstrliə, ɒ-/ (About this sound (listen))) is a landlocked micronation with minor creeks running through which account for 7% of its superficial area. It claims sovereignty over land claims in Canada and minor claims in the United States. It is the head of the Baustralian Empire, governing over three states claimed as a result of the Baustralian Conquest. It's first and current reigning monarch is John I, who also holds the titles of King and Emperor of Ostreum.

The name of Baustralia came about when John I and John Timpson was imagining a country of naval prowess and was similar to Australia in topography and climate. Due to these similarities, a 'B' was added. For the name of Australia, it is derived from the Latin australis, meaning "southern", and inspired by the hypothetical Terra Australis of pre-modern geography.

The idea for the formation of Baustralia came to mind when the King John I was doing a geography project on types of governments. Upon researching, John stumbled upon Sealand, and Molossia. After careful thought and planning came the formation.

A week after formation, Cold Creek, the province that contains the capital, had a coup d'état and was settled by a treaty to allow separation, this done in the best interests of the Baustralians. This coup caused the capital to move from Cold Creek to Cascadia.

Then, the king and John Timpson started work on the constitution, and upon royal approval, the Kingdom became a constitutional monarchy, based upon the likes of the United Kingdom. The kingdom is now 3 years, 2 months and 30 days old.

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The Baustralian Armed Forces (BAF; French: Forces armées baustraliennes, FAB), or Baustralian Forces (BF) (French: Forces baustraliennes, FB), are the unified armed forces of Baustralia.

This institution comprises of sea, land, air, elements referred as His Royal Navy (HRN), His Royal Army (HRA), and His Royal Air Force (HRAF), respectively. Personnel may belong to the Reserve force or the Regular force. A Space Force also exists but is not yet adopted by the BAF as it is personless.

The titular head of the BAF is the Commander-in-Chief, His Majesty Admiral of the Fleet John I. The professional head of the Baustralian Armed Forces is the Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Caleb Arthur. Each branch has its own Chief of Staff, the First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral John Timpson, the Chief of the General Staff, General Geoff Audas, and the Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Julian Kostuik.

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The royal coat of arms of the Baustralia, or the Royal Arms for short, is the official coat of arms of the Baustralian monarch, John I. These arms are used by the King as the monarch of the Baustralia. Variants of the Royal Arms are used by other members of the Baustralian royal family. The arms in banner form serve as basis for the monarch's official flag, known as the Royal Standard.

In the standard variant used outside of Scotland, the shield is quartered, depicting in the first and fourth quarters the Baustralian fish; in the second, the Riel of Ostreum; and in the third, a W for Wangatangia. The crest is a statant guardant lion wearing the Tudor, himself on another representation of that crown. The supporters are a likewise crowned lion.

In the greenery below, a fish swimming in a creek are depicted, representing Tentacion Creek, which was the location of the battle for Tentacion independence. This armorial achievement comprises the motto, in French, of the Baustralian monarch, Dieu et mon Droit (God and my Right), as well as the Gadus circlet which surrounds the shield, inscribed with the Order's motto, A bene placito (From one well pleased).

Royalty Military biographies of Baustralia
John I in Church Dress, Trenton Ontario. 2018.

John I (formerly Jacob I; Jacob Patrick; born 7 June 2003, is the King of Baustralia, her Colonies, and Emperor of Ostreum. Before his reign in Edstmae, he was the Prince Jacob Patrick of Cumberland.

John was born in Toronto as the first child of HRH the King Mother, and HRH the King Father, and is being educated in the Ontario public school system. He is currently a cadet in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets with the rank of Chief petty officer, 2nd class, and serves without pay as an Admiral of the Fleet in His Royal Navy.

He is King of Baustralia, and Wangatangia, aswell as Emperor of Tentacion. He also had a short reign during the Baustralian Occupation of Edstmae. He founded the Houses of Caravaggio, and Timpson, the Kingdom, and the Empire of Baustralia.

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The Right Honourable Admiral Doctor John Stewart Timpson KG GBE SKB(hon) OW CStG DVex ADC(P) MP (born 19 June 2003) is a Baustralian politician serving as the 1st and current Prime Minister of the Baustralia since 2017, the 1st and current leader of the conservative party appointed in 2017, and elected in 2018. He is the first and current Commander of the Baustralian Fleet.

He helped found the idea of Baustralia by creating the story of an island nation with naval prowess [see Baustralia§Etymology] which was told to John I, who took this story as a basis for the kingdom.