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The nation of Overheart, formal name The Republic Of Overheart or TROO for short. Is a micronation that was formed on the 19th of March 2019 by the current President PuttePonde or Pontus.

The official flag of The Republic Of Overheart

the land of Overheart is located in Southern parts of Finland in the small village of Pernaaja as well as being online on discord and planning on going to reddit aswell.

Politics of Overheart

The politics of the republic has structure that goes: President, Vice President, Council Members. There can only be 10 council member at a time but as of the current day, the council has four members.There are also diplomats and welcomers.


The republic was created on the 19 of March by PuttePonde in order to capitalize on his interests in micronations. He quickly set up channels like "Singing", "talk" and "memes". The first person to join was Cater. He quickly rose to the ranks of Vice president with only 2 votes. Later that day, The Republic Of Mondoria joined which made an alliance with Overheart. Cater was also revealed to be the man behind The Republic Of Mondoria, and that he and the Mondoria account was the same person. So in Its first day Overheart already had an allie. The following days more people joined and the nation got more developed and organized.