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Tunisian Islamic Province of Jezzerbrough
The Flag of Jezzerbrough.png
Arms of Jezzerbrough.png
Coat of Arms

Defend the moon.
Humat al-Hima (Defenders of the Homeland)
Royal Anthem
God Save The Queen
OG Map.jpg
Location of North Galite Island on Google Maps.
Location of The South Sijis on Google Maps.
Largest cityNelson's Corner
Official language(s)English, Arabic
DemonymGalician, Galite, Jezzerbroughic
- HonourablesCllr. Joseph Wye
Cllr. Thomas Wye
Cllr. Anne Hague
- ZameBeji Caid Essebsi
Established26th June 2017 - 2nd August 2017
Area claimed1.6988 km2 (169.88 ha)
Population4 (2017 census)
CurrencyTunisian Dinar د.ت
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Jezzerbrough, officially known as the Tunisian Islamic Province of Jezzerbrough, also referred to as the 'TIP of Jezzerbrough' was an overseas territory of Rhys' Island (AHAT) from 26 June 2017 to 2 August 2017. The territory was controlled by the Bizerte Governorate in Tunisia, hence the name.

Jezzerbrough had 3 islands, North Galite Island, Sorell Island and Fratland Island (South Sijis), the only settlement in Jezzerbrough was Nelson's Corner, situated on North Galite Island.

The flag of The South Sijis.