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Otto Gillespie Birch
Sakom of Misberia

Common Portrait of Otto
Sakom of Misberia
In Office 27 August 2021 - Present
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Unannounced
Lord Chancellor of the
Confederation of the Northern Coast
In Office 14 July 2021 - Present
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Unannounced
2022 Austenasian Consul With Tania Comitissa Memphidos
Term 1 January 2022 - Present
Predecessor Hannah Augusta & Bradley
Successor Unannounced
Secretary for Statistics GUM
In Office January 11th 2020 - January 3rd 2021
Chair Thomas Bainbridge, Newton von Uberquie
Predecessor Tomáš Falešník
Successor Unannounced
Vice-Chair Matthew S
Consort Unannounced
Royal Betula-Andros
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Born 2 June 2001 (2001-06-02) (age 20)
Maine, United States
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholic
Political party Maine Green Independent Party
Social Labour Party of the North

Otto Gillespie Birch is a Canadian-American micronationalist serving currently as the Sakom of The Principality of Misberia, Federal President of the Confederation of The Northern Coast and Diplomacy & Recruitment Secretary of the GUM. He also has citizenships in the governor for Atlia's Duchess Maria's Square and the Austenasia's Cenomannica.


The name Otto Gillespie Birch is based on Otto's favorite tree, the American White Birch, this is his common name amongst Anglosphere and European communities.

Personal Life

Otto Gillespie Birch was born on 2 June 2001 in Maine, United States of America. Growing up he has six siblings and lived with his mother and father. Otto completed high school in June of 2020. Otto is a registered Libertarian Party member in the US and is involved in many community programs like the Boy Scouts of America. Otto has many interests outside micronationalism including, urban exploration, vexillology, photography, linguistics, hiking, cycling, music and horticulture. Otto has been studying, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Welsh, Gilbertese, Esperanto, Swahili and German. He is not fluent in any of these languages but has varying levels of experience and understanding. He currently holds a flag collection of over four hundred flags mainly in the Imperial Passamaquoddy Flag Collection in Maritime Republic of Misberia and has the largest known micronational flag collection at thirteen flags including Empire of Adammia, Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall and Plushunia with three versions of the Misberian Confederacy flag and the current Maritime Republic of Misberia as well as past nations of Second Zuhan Empire and Confederation of Caloudonoum

Micronational Career

Otto Gillespie Birch is a micronational statesman who has served in over forty nations throughout his career in the Microwiki Community which began in September of 2018. Otto has risen to prominence with his work in the Grand Unified Micronational, Misberia and other smaller micronational projects. He briefly served as a mod on the MicroWiki@Discord server. He is currently a member of the Micropolitan Club and Lounge and was a member of the The Fun Gang for a time.


Otto Gillespie Birch was the founder of the Misberian Confederacy which was founded as the Kingdom of Farmia on April 15th 2015. In 2018 Otto met with the Republic of Timberia at Camp Roosevelt in Maine, he helped lead the Roosevelt Agreement which unified Timberia and then Mistak into one nation which then became Misberia on the 23 of November of that year. In late 2018 Otto met the nations of the Confederation of Caloudonoum and Imperium Germania and quickly befriended their leaders. Otto worked with both nations internally as a military advisor for Germania and a financial and personal advisor to the nation of Caloudonoum and its Heer Samuel Hoffmann. When Germania dissolved Otto was appointed the Eternal Prince of the nation, when Caloudonoum joined Misberia on the 6th of July 2019, Otto proclaimed the United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum which lasted till March of 2020. Following the dissolvement of Caloudonoum Otto was made Eternal Heer of Caloudonoum. In 2019 to 2021 Otto lead Misberia through many changes and crisis including multiple mental health concerns as well as the loss of his close friend Maria Birch. Otto is noted for having helped created a unique Native American culture and a community open to all as well as having the known being a tounge in cheek cult leader with Misberian culture and community. On February 24th 2021, Otto announced he was leaving the community and dissolved Misberia. On the 6th of March 2021 Otto announced his return after talks with the Commonwealth of Maine which revived Misberia under the new nation of The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta and has lead it as its Doge. By end of summer 2021, Otto announced the Principality of Misberia under the Confederation of the Northern Coast, which he leads now as the President.


In late 2018 Otto met the nation of Aspen and its leader King James and quickly got involved in Aspen and a friendship was formed between Misberia and Aspen and its leadership. In early 2019 The Aspen-Misberian Empire was proclaimed and was an experiment on a unified state. The experiment failed less then a month later with Otto leading Misberia to leave the union. Otto and Misberia continued to work with Aspen, with Otto even becoming the King of Aspen for a very short time. Otto left Aspen a number of times due to personal issues and returned for good in December of 2020, upon his return he was appointed Prime Minister of Aspen for a second time and has lead the nation to becoming more professional and active. Otto is noted for brining Misberia back into Aspen following his announced departure from the community in early 2021. Otto currently leads the Commonwealth of Misberia-Lygonia for Aspen, with the region being the largest and most productive in the nation.


In the summer of 2019, Otto met the nation of the People's Republic of Adonia and its leader Premier Andrew Franson and the two quickly became good friends. Otto worked with Adonia from time to time until November of 2020 when Otto founded the Commune of Roosevelt in Maine for Andrew and quickly became the benchmark region and crown jewel of non capital regions. The region was active for a number of weeks until February 2021 when Otto announced his departure from the community. Upon Otto's return to the community two weeks later the revival of Edes occurred. However, Otto then disbanded the Commune of Edes because of Inactivity Issues in March 2021. Though, once again, Otto formed a completely new Commune called the Commune of Roosevelt, marking yet another return to Adonia.

Other micronations

In September 2019 Otto and two other micronational leaders created the 2019 CDM Accords which is a mainly Twitter Sphere Environmental Accord. In late 2019 Otto started working on making a developmental program which can help new micronations get settled and founded properly with support, after United Sovereignties dissolved Otto brought his idea to the House of Mithras but heard nothing and quickly scrapped the idea all together. In Spring 2020 Otto and Akien have created in New England Sector. Otto has held positions in many nations including Kingdom of Auvenum as a Supreme Judge, Fifth Aenderian Repulic as a Supreme Judge, Commonwealth of Polonia as a Educational and Enviromental Minister, Uber-Essian Union as a Podesta for San Bernardo and leader of the Signoria. He also worked in the nations like the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall as a royal advisor, Plushunia as a governor for Micul Mayne, and the Confederation of El Dorado as a Supreme Judge.

United Sovereignties

In October 2019 after the Chair's departure as well as other founding members a new administration system was selected, Otto as well as Chloe of Republic of Gaia and Joe of Liberstein. Otto remained a leader of the USov until December of 2019 when he got frustrated and left the United Sovereignties. Following January 2020, Misberia rejoined USOV and Otto became a Administrator again after Joe stepped down. Following discussions with the other leadership of USOV it was decided since Otto was the main force behind keeping USOV around that due to his departure it would be better to let USOV dissolve.

Grand Unified Micronational

Otto Gillespie Birch served as the primary national delegate for the Misberian Confederacy. Otto had been very vocal on ensuring Asian-Oceanic delegations can attend Quorums and is credited to setting up and helping the Chair set up a rotating system which allows different times to be set so that both Eastern and Western delegations get a fair chance to attend a Quorum. Otto can be accredited to possibly being the only delegate of the GUM to be moved to four delegations in the span of two weeks. After the dissolution of United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum, Otto became a delegate for Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall and quickly moved to become the People's Republic of Orientia delegate after an issue regarding age arose. After one week Orientia contacted Otto notifying him Orientia was leaving the GUM and Otto became a delegate for Union of Millania and New Granada for two days until Directive of Misberia was recognized as the successor state of the United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum. Otto has served as Statistics Department Secretary from January 11th 2020 to January 3rd 2021, making him the longest serving Statistics Department Secretary to date. Otto currently serves as the Diplomacy & Recruitment Secretary of the GUM and has published posters and provided feedback on diplomatic and recruitment plans to the Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational.

Current Positions

Titles and Honors

Styles of
Otto Birch of Misberia
Abirch Cypher.png
Reference styleHis Honorable
Spoken styleSir
Alternative styleSir

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Titles and styles

  • 15- April 2015 - 2 June 2016: His Highness Otto
  • 3 June 2016 - 31 December 2018: Comrade Birch
  • 1 January 2019 - 8 July 2019: His Highness Gilleasbaig Birch
  • 9 July 2019 - 15 March 2020: His Imperial Highness Otto Gillespie Birch
  • 16 March 2020 - 31 August 2021: His Highness Otto Gillespie Birch
  • 1 September 2021 - present: His Majesty Otto Gillespie Birch

Full title

His Majesty Otto Gillespie Birch of the House of Betula-Andros, the Grand Duke of Imperium Germania, Sakom of the Principality of Misberia, Crown-Prince of Zuhan-Roweland, Prince of Mistak-Timberia, Marquess of Urschrburg-Riss, Count of Lygonia, Earl of Osceola, Baron of Navasse, Baron of Sealand, Baron of Machias, Heer of Caloudonoum, Pirate of The Caribbean, Father of the Nation.

Arms and Standard

Personal Coat of Arms
Sakom of the Principality of Misberia
Head of the House of Betula-Andros
Prince of Mistak-Timberia
Full armorial achievement of Earl of Osceola.png
Earl of Osceola in Ikonia
Order of the Sanghamitra in Vishwamitra
Order of Diplomatic Service Merit in Vishwamitra
Grand Duke of Imperium Germania


Personal Standard ABirch.png
Personal Standard
Standard for Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias
Royal Standard of Misberia
Royal Standard of Mistak
Royal Standard of Timberia


On 20 November 2020, Birch was called to court in the Dominion of the Caribbean after confessing he committed piracy inside the Dominion, which is a known law. The result of the case ended up in Birch receiving the title of Pirate of the Caribbean. He was also told to respect the conditions of the court as follows:

  • Stop viewing anime girls inside the Dominion
  • Stop being an (expletive)
  • Stop pirating inside the Dominion or you could forfeit the Earl of Osceola rank. (This condition was later revoked)