Osceola City

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Province of Osceola
Flag of Osceola.png

Capital city Deltona
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Osceolan
(Port: Osceolerão)
- Head Coach Carl Miller
Legislature Legislative Assembly
Established July 1st, 2012
Time zone UTC-5 year round
National drink Pepsi-Cola
National animal Alligator

The Province of Osceola is an administrative region of the St.Charlian federation of Koss located in the state of Florida. Its capital is Deltona.


Osceola's history dates back to 2011 when it joined Nemkhavia with the name of Bowden Province. It joined Nemkhavia on November 2011 and left on December of that same year. Later, kossian citizen Lucas Campos contacted Bowden's Governor, Carl Miller, and offered a proposal of annexation.