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Orientalis Province
Provincia Orientalis (Romanian)
—  Province of Vlasynia  —
Orientalis Province shown in red.
Country Flag of Vlasynia.png Vlasynia
Capital District of Dimitrium Superior
Demonym Oriental
Established 31 March 2020 (separated from the Silva Despotis District)
 - Sovereign HGM Despot Ned I
 - Lord Governor HGM Despot Ned I
 - Total 5.37 km2 (2.1 sq mi)
Elevation 56 m (184 ft)
Population (2020)
 - Total 0
 - Density 0/km2 (0/sq mi)
Time zone Vlasynian Standard Time (VST) (UTC+02:00)

Orientalis is a Vlasynian Province situated in northern Bucharest. It is by far the largest province and the largest subdivision by land area, comprised of 5 Districts, all of them being entirely covered in forest, with the exception of the Dimitrium Inferior District. It shares land borders with Romania to the east and south and with the Occidentalis Province to the west, while to the north it is separated from the Morea Silvica Province by Centura București (English: Bucharest Beltway, Bucharest Ring Road). Orientalis was established as a Province on 30 March 2020, after the latest administrative-territorial reform, when it was created from the now defunct Silva Despotis District.


Map of Orientalis Province before 26 March 2021

Its territory used to be split in two areas, separated by Centura București, with the Gorun, Tabirna-Tunari and Adelaid Districts in the north and the Dimitrium Superior, Dimitrium Inferior, Pipera, Tir and Iancu Districts in the south. On 26 March 2021, the Gorun, Tabirna-Tunari and Adelaid Districts (the latter two being renamed to "Morea-Tunari" and "No. 100", respectively) were separated from the Orientalis Province and reorganized into the Morea Silvica Province.


Subdivisions of Orientalis Province
Type Size (km2) Population Map
Dimitrium Inferior District 0.181 0
Orientalis - Dimitrium Inferior District Map.png
Dimitrium Superior District 2.41 0
Orientalis - Dimitrium Superior District Map.png
Iancu District 0.86 0
Orientalis - Iancu District Map.png
Pipera District 0.941 0
Orientalis - Pipera District Map.png
Tir District 0.975 0
Orientalis - Tir District Map.png