Orders of chivalry in Austreneland

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Orders of Chivalry in Austreneland fall into several groups, such as Patriotic, Devotional, etc. They are usually divided into Chevaliers and "de prêtre". Peculiarly, persons are usually created to orders of Chivalry in the same manner and style as a Royal legal decree, whereas, for example, Peers, are created by the usual manner of horizontally styled letters patent. The Collar of the Order of God the Father, depicting The initial of James; a symbol of omnipotence and omniscience; and Alpha and Omega; as well as seraphim

•Order of the Most Holy Blessed and Glorious Trinity (Three Persons in One God) The highest order of Chivalry in Austreneland. This is akin to a 'Fidei Defensor' awarded by His Holliness, the Pope.

•Order of God the Father
A very prestigious order, and almost the publicized Order of the Key (see below), plus others.

•Order of Christ
one of the highest religious based orders in Austreneland, members are usually prominent clergymen. •Order of God the Holy Spirit

The Following nine orders are mainly devotional, or scholarly in nature.

•Order of the Resurrection

•Order of the Passion

•Order of the Incarnation

•Order of the Holy Cross

•Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary

•Order of the Immaculate conception

•Order of the Assumption

•Order of the Annunciation Order of the Precious Blood

•(Order of the Key)

This particularly notable order, is actually, for the most part, clandestine. Very little is publically known about it. Its twelve members are almost always privy counselors. They wear a golden key modestly on their person on a burgundy ribbon.

•Order of the Crown

•Order of the Cross

•Order of the Eagle

•Order of St. John of God

A rather patriotic order, as John of God is one of the major patrons of Austreneland.

•Order of the Crown Imperial

•Order of the Sword of the Word

•Order of the Sword of the Church Militant

•Order of the Seraphim and Cherubim

•Order of All Saints

•Order of St. Peragrine

•Order of the Serpent

•Order of Monm

•Order of Auster

•Order of the Oriflamme

This order is presented to active defendors and furtherers of the French Royalist cause, as well as, but not as significantly, other defunct or dormant monarchies.

•Order of St. Gregory the Great
–Church music Composers and Conductors

•Order of the Silver Chord
Presented for exceptional millitary valor

•Order of St. Edward (The Confessor)
Presented to very devout and pious fellow Monarchs and royals

•Order of St. Ferdinand III
Presented to other Christian Monarchs and royals

•Order of St. Dominic Savio
–Pueri et Puellae Cantoris Virtutis

•Order of St. Matthew
awarded for financial prowess

•Order of the Star of Bethlehem

•Order of St. Remigius
Awarded to french monarchists, as well as scholars of French history.

•Order of the Gordian Knot

Awarded for outstanding use of classical logic.

•Order of St. Sebastian

Awarded generally to archers

•Order of the Golden Buckle

•Order of the Plume

•Order of the Thimble      -----     Members of this order serve as the Taylors and Seamstresses of the Sovereign

Order of the Bow