Orders, decorations and medals of Richensland

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The following lists official honours bestowed by the government of Richensland according to the official order of precedence.

Current decorations


An order is a visible honour bestowed upon an individual by the government of Richensland.

The President of Richensland is the fount of honor a he heads all state decorations prescribed by law. As a result he is usually a recipient of the order's highest grade and distinct himself as the Grand Master (i.e the president is the Grand Master - Special Class in the Order of the Renaissance). This perks only last while he is in office. Once out, he will be bestowed a different class of the order or he would not be able to use its post-nominals unless has obtained the order in his own right.


Medals are bestowed by the president, but he is not a recipient of the medal himself, unless awarded to himself in the recipient class by a different president or to himself.

  • Golden Hermetic Medal of Rabat:

The following 5 medals (LM, GM, BM, TM, NbM) are known as the "LGBT service medals".

Honorary titles

  • Richenslandian of the year:
    • Award without ribbon.svg Richenslandian of the year 2021

Former decorations

Dynastic honours

  • Order of Loyalty to the Crown of Richensland:
    • RBotOoLttCoR.svg.png Grand Master - Recipient (OLCRgm), Recipient (OLCRr)
  • Order of Allonhjre:
    • Award without ribbon.svg Grand Master - Recipient (OALJRgm), Recipient (OALJRr)