Orders, decorations, and medals of Misberia

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Orders, Decorations and Medals of Misberia
Headquarters Machias
Sakom Archie Birch
Awards 7
Awardees 18
First Awarded 19th June 2020
Last Awarded 8th November 2021

The orders, decorations, and medals of Misberia comprise of many honors for the citizens of the Principality of Misberia and qualified foreigners are for actions that benefit the community or the country. Based off of a mixture of British, Native American and Italian orders and honors, the orders, decorations, and medals of Misberia was founded at the birth of the nation on the 15th of April, 2015. All honors can be revoked upon a decree of the Sakom, with actions against the Sakom and the Misberian State or the wellbeing of the community being cited most often for awards and honors being revoked from individuals. The current system consists of three types of award – honors, decorations and medals:

  • Honors are used to recognize achievement and service;
  • Decorations are used to recognize specific deeds;
  • Medals are used to recognize commitment and support in the community and nation.

Honorary Titles

Complete name Established Awarded/to/for/by Awardees
Father/Mother of the Misberian State 10 March 2021 Patro / Patrino de Mara Respubliko, was awarded to the writers of the constitution when the nation was first founded. The award has five awardees and has been announced to never been awarded again. Archie Birch, 8/11/21

James II Christian, 8/11/21

Luis Marcel, 8/11/21

Maria Birch, 8/11/21

Jamie Birch, 8/11/21

His/Her Protector of Nova Maria His/Her Protector of Nova Maria, is awarded to the owner of the Capital of Nova Maria, a rock chosen by Maria Birch as the capital of the former Misberian Confederacy. None Awarded
Honorary Citizen Honorary Citizenship is given to close friends of the nation, and those who have helped immensely with the nation's development. Currently only Luis Marcel of Atlia has received the honor following his review of the first national constitution before approval.
Mawakutomucik 20 May 2021 Mawakutomucik is awarded to close friends of the nation and who hold close ties with the leader Archie Birch. The title is "Extended Family" in Passamaquoddy-Maliseet.

Chivalric Decorations

Complete name Ranks (Letters) Ribbon Established Awarded/to/for/by Awardees
The Most Honorable

Order of St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Knight/Dame Commander (DCA) DCA Ribbon Misberia.png 10 March 2021 The Most Honorable Honor of St. Aloysius Gonzaga is awarded for cultural and national support within Misberia which saw significant development for the nation as a whole. James C:14/4/21

Jamie Birch: 14/4/21

Archie Birch: 14/4/21

Knight/Dame (KAG) KAG Ribbon Misberia.png None Awarded
Commander (CAG) CAG Ribbon Misberia.png Luis Marcel: 14/4/21

Cristian Dobrev: 14/4/21

Officer (OAG) OAG Ribbon Misberia.png Brooke Kennedy: 14/4/21

Eryn Lewis: 14/4/21

Member (MAG) MAG Ribbon Misberia.png Andrew Creed: 14/4/21
Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias First Class Knight (NSOM1) N/A 19 June 2020 This organization and honor was created with the intent to spread positivity, help others in the micronational community and be a place for those of high personal standing with those in the Order to be recognized and be allowed to join this noble cause. This Order, while one for a Noble cause, is also a Private Club within the Betula Nations Community and those connected to Sakom Archie Birch. Archie Birch: 6/19/20

Luis Marcel: 6/19/20

Anthony Birch: 6/19/20

Zar Antanov: 6/19/20

Hville Alvstad: 8/24/20

Tom Haex: 11/1/20

Jamie Birch: 11/1/20

Joe C: 11/1/20

Louis: 11/1/20

Second Class Knight (NSOM2) Andrew Franson: 1/16/21

Weldingo: 1/16/21

James C: 3/26/21

Third Class Knight (NSOM3) None Awarded


Complete name Medal Established Awarded/to/for/by Awardees
Bobwhite Medal of Leadership Bobwhite Medal Machias.png 1 February 2021 The Bobwhite Medal of Leadership of Machias was established on the first of February 2021 by the Grand Master of The Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias, Archie Birch. It was created following the approval of Archie Birch's completion of the Boy Scout of America's highest adult leadership program Wood Badge. The honor represents, respect, courage, leadership which has lead to immense change for good and above all, working with a team of people to make a change for the better. This honor is on behalf of the Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias, the honor society of Misberia's Community. President Brooklyn Kennedy,1/2/2021

Former Citizen-Premier Sophia Albina, 1/2/2021

Premier Andrew Franson,1/2/2021

Grand Duke Casper, 1/2/2021

Former Una Ministro Jamie Birch, 1/2/2021

King of The Aspens James II, 25/3/2021