Order of the Venerable Eagle

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The Order of the Venerable Eagle
(German) Der Orden der Ehrwürdige Adler
GCVE Ribbon.png
Awarded by the Kingdom of Saxeberg
Type Chivalric order with three ranks
Awarded for Outstanding contribution to the Kingdom of Saxeberg
Status Currently awarded
Established August 16, 2013
First awarded August 16, 2013
Total awarded The maximum quotas:
Knight/Dame Grand Commander: 5
Knight Commander: 5
Commander: 5
Officer: 10
Member: 10
Next (higher) Order of the Willow
Next (lower) Military Cross

The Order of the Venerable Eagle is the third and least senior chivalric order in Saxeberg. It was established by the King on the 16th June 2013.


The order was established on the 16th August 2013, intended to award the majority of citizens for their contribution to Saxeberg.


In descending order of seniority:

  • Knight/Dame Grand Commander (GCVE)
  • Knight/Dame Commander (KCVE/DCVE)
  • Commander (CVE)
  • Officer (OVE)
  • Member (MVE)

Only the two senior ranks are deemed knights and entitled to the style "Sir/Dame".

Foreign Recipients

Foreign recipients are given either Honorary GCVE (entitling them to the post-nominal but not the title of "Sir/Dame") or full CVE, OVE or MVE as these do not warrant the style of "Sir/Dame".