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Order of the Tiangtang

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Order of the Tiangtang
Tiangtang order medal.jpg
Official order's medal

Tiangtang order ribbon.jpg
Official ribbon
Awarded by the Emperor of Taihan</td></tr>
Country Flag of Taihan.png Empire of Taihan</td></tr>
Type Order</td></tr>
Awarded for Individuals with many years of outstanding accomplishments, particularly in public and political life.</td></tr>
Status Currently constituted</td></tr>
Established 2014</td></tr>
First awarded

2014</td></tr></table> The Order of the Tiangtang (Cantonese: 令為了在天堂的) is an order presented by the Taihanese Government. It was established in 2014. The only grade of the order is Grand Cordon of the Order of the Tiangtang, which ranks high, but lower than the Order of the Meihua.

Traditionally, the order has been conferred upon eminent statesmen, former prime ministers and senior cabinet ministers, diplomats and judges. It may be conferred posthumously, and is the highest regularly conferred honour in the Taihanese honours system.

Complete listing of ordinary (non-royal) recipients of the Order

Ordinary recipients of the Order of the Tiangtang

 • Robert Zhang (2 October 2014)
 • Barbara Zhang (28 December 2014)

Foreign recipients