Order of the Rose (Camuria)

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The Holy and Royal Order of the Rose is a title created by King Ian I in 1995, to honour Camurian citizens for doing good to their country. The order is a special Elite force sworn to protect the Kingdom of Camuria and the Roman Catholic Church. Since its founding it has always been in a high place and you must have done something quite exceptional to receive the order and title of Knight of the Holy and Royal Rose. The title is the highest title of nobility given to those not of Royal blood. After the death of those who hold the title, their knighthood dies with them and is not inherited. Upon recieving the Knighthood its members receive a silver cusifix and have the badge put on your family's coat of arms. Also you are allowed to hang your family coat of arms in your home.


Rank Name Title
1 Prince Regent Ian Master of the Rose
2 Samuel Hughes Deputy of the Rose
3 Callum Brown Protector of the Rose
- John O'Kane Knight of the Rose
- Thomas Jamerson Knight of the Rose