Order of the Iustian leaf

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Order of the Iustian leaf
Ribbon bar of the Order of the Iustian Leaf.svg
Awarded by the Emperor of Iustus
Awarded for Great contributions to Iustus
Status Currently awarded
Established 24 July 2018
First awarded 24 July 2018
Total awarded 4
Grades Knight Commander
Knight Companion
Officer [1]

The Order of the Iustian leaf is an award and honor that a person can receive that is from the Empire of Iustus people get the award if they have made great contributions to the Iustus and/or have been a great ally.

Recipients of the award


Posafgov.png Nicholas Randouler (24 July 2018)

Flag of Iustus 2.png Austin Jaax (24 July 2018)

Flag of Iustus 2.png Nicolas Millan (2 December 2018)

Flag of Iustus 2.png Jordan Micheals (2 December 2018)

Knight Commander

AendereseFlag.png Jayden Lycon (1 January 2020)

Flag of Iustus 2.png Lord Patrick (1 January 2020)

Knight Companion

Flag of Iustus 2.png Ethan Obsidian (1 January 2020)


FlagUNOc.png Babou Chkaya (1 January 2020)

Noflag.png Max I (1 January 2020)