Order of King Isaiah Burdette I

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Order of King Isaiah Burdette I
Order of King Isaiah Burdette I medal.png
Official Medal
Awarded by The Kingdom of Burdette
Established3 December 2020
RibbonOrder of King Isaiah Burdette I - Ribbon.svg
EligibilityConferred on the pleasure of the Protector
Awarded forSignificant contributions to the Burdettian nation
StatusCurrently awarded
ProtectorIsaiah Burdette
First induction3 December 2020
Last induction25 December 2020
Total inductees9

The Order of King Isaiah Burdette I is the highest state decoration of the Kingdom of Burdette established by a decree issued by King Isaiah Burdette I on 3 December 2020 in order to recognize civilians and foreigners of their acts and services for the welfare and development of the nation. The order is named after the first and reigning King of the nation, Isaiah Burdette I.

As the King is the Head of state of the nation, he serves as the fons honorum of the state decorations and orders of Burdette.


The Order of King Isaiah Burdette I is conferred in three grades:

  • Protector (reserved for the King of Burdette and past Kings)
  • Knight
  • Recipient

Protectors of the order

Name Protector as Period
Isaiah Burdette I King of Burdette 3 December 2020 - present

Recipients of the order

Name Country Designation Grade Date of Investiture
Isaiah Burdette I  Burdette King of Burdette Protector and Knight 3 December 2020
David Augustus  Monmark Recipient 25 December 2020
Nathan Jiang  Yu-Xia Recipient 25 December 2020
May Cambridge Recipient 25 December 2020
Alojzije Franjević Recipient 25 December 2020
Liam Alexander  Atiera Recipient 25 December 2020
Addison Dillon  Bonumland Recipient 25 December 2020
Dhrubajyoti Roy Flag of Vishwamitra.svg Vishwamitra Knight and Recipient 1 January 2021
Tau Smith Grand Republic of Leo Flag.png Leo Recipient 1 January 2021