Order of Friendship of Antares

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Order of Friendship of Antares
Order of A1 Ribbon 3.png
Design of the award (Prior/Prioress)
Order of A1 Ribbon 2.png
Design of the award (Knight/Dame & Serving Brother/Sister)
Order of A1 Ribbon.png
Design of the award (Commander & Officer)
Awarded by the President of the
Republic of Antares
Type Order of merit
Eligibility Foreigners; can be awarded posthumously
Awarded for For the friendship and collaboration to Antares
Status Currently awarded
Established 2017
First awarded 2017
Total awarded 1

The Order of Friendship of Antares (Orde de l'Amistat d'Antares) is an award to the foreign friends of the Republic of Antares. The persons awardeds are people reconigsed for his friendship and collaboration with Antares.



Honorific Cavallier

Name Date Awarded by Decree
FlagUNOc.png Babou Chkaya 12 june 2017 Lluís Esteve i Rando NA

Purple emblem

Grand Cross