Order of Christopher I

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Order of Christopher I
Medal of the Order of Christopher I.pngCollar of the Order of Christopher I.png
Official Medal
Awarded by the
Best Coat Of Arms Of Cycoldia.png
Summi Imperator of Cycoldia
Type Chivalry
Established March 21st 2019
Ribbon Bar of the Order of Christopher I.png
Motto Gloria Imperatoris
Awarded for Service and/or showings of servitude under the Crown of Cycoldia
Status Currently awarded
Protector Summi Imperator Christopher I of Cycoldia
Grades Protector
First induction March 30th 2019
Total inductees 8
Next (higher) Knighthood of Cycoldia
Next (lower) Cycoldian Medal of Merit

This is the 3rd highest honour of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia