Order of Alexandra Feodorovna

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Most Honourable Order of Alexandra Feodorovna, the Martyr
Honorabilíssima Ordem de Alexandra Feodorovna, a Mártir
Badge of the Order
Awarded by Queen of Sildavia
TypeDynastic order
MottoIn Honorem Martyris
In honor of the Martyr
Awarded formeritorious services to the kingdom, its people and the community
StatusCurrently constituted
Grand Master and SovereignMaria of Sildavia
Next (lower)Order of Ottokar
RelatedOrder of the Bordurian Eagle
Order of the Black Pelican

Ribbon of the Order of Alexandra Feodorovna

The Order of Alexandra Feodorovna, officialy, the Order of Alexandra Feodorovna, the Martyr is an order of chivalry for women of the Kingdom of Sildavia. The order was created by the current Queen Maria I on 20 October 2021 in order to recognize of services rendered by women to the community and to Sildavia.

Design and Precedence

Grand Masters

2021 - current

  1. Maria of Sildavia



Country Recipient Post-nominals Grade Date of
1  Karnia-Ruthenia Empress Queen Marie Elizabeth of Karnia-Ruthenia OAFM GCO Dame 23 December 2021 (second time)
2  Vishwamitra Tanishkaa Patranabish, Deputy Rashtradhyaksh OAFM DEOPN GCO GCOK M1AVS Dame 23 December 2021
3  Cycoldia Summi Imperatoria Christina I & II GCOCRS OAFM Dame 23 December 2021
4  Quinta Velha Queen Amanda OAFM Dame 23 December 2021
5  Luna Queen Letizia OAFM Dame 23 December 2021
6  Mëcklewmburg-Wladir Gabriela, Grand Duchess of Mëcklewmburg-Wladir OAFM DEOPN GCO MFS Dame 23 December 2021
7  Karnia-Ruthenia Archduchess Denise of Karnia-Ruthenia OAFM CEOPN GCO Dame 23 December 2021
8  Karnia-Ruthenia Archduchess Alice of Karnia-Ruthenia OAFM Dame 23 December 2021
9  Taslavia Archduchess Maria Clara of Taslavia OAFM Dame 23 December 2021
10  Sancratosia Sovereign Princess Cloe GCOCRS OAFM Dame 1 March 2022

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