Order of Our Lady of Guadalupe

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Order of the Holy virgin Mary of Guadalupe
OrderHoly virgin Mary of Guadalupe.png
Order of the Holy virgin Mary of Guadalupe
Awarded by
Coat of arms of Erlanda2.png
the King of the Erlande
Typeknightly order
EligibilityCivilians and members of the military.
Awarded forMeritorious achievements in the arts, science, education and religion
Established07 may 2015
Next (higher)Order of Hero of Erlande
Next (lower)Order of Peter The Great

The order of the Holy virgin Mary of Guadalupe (Rus. Орден Святой Девы Марии Гваделупской) - one of the highest state awards of the United Kingdom Erlande.


Grand officer of the order of our lady of Guadalupe.

The order of the Holy virgin Mary of Guadalupe has four grades: Grand Cross, Grand Officer, commander and Knight. Royal order of the Holy virgin of Guadalupe was founded by the first king of Erlande Denis I. the Order originates from the Mexican Emperor Agustin Iturbide. The main symbol of Iturbide created order was the cross in the center of which is a medallion with the image of the virgin Mary. Forked ends of the cross decorated with balls on the wreath. The ribbon of the order is blue with gray stripes along the sides. To cross it is attached with pendants in the form of an eagle, which holds in its beak a snake. The figurine of the snake here has a very symbolic value. The order of our lady of Guadalupe is the third in rank of the highest medals of the United Kingdom.


This order is a dynastic order of the Royal house, is awarded automatically to all members of the Ruling house, in addition to illegitimate children. The order gives the hereditary nobility with the title up to the Duke.

Knights of the order

Knights of the order

  • 4HlDF7MM4sE.jpg His Royal Majesty King Denis I
  • 4HlDF7MM4sE.jpg His grace the Duke Damir Akhtyamov, President of the States General
  • 4HlDF7MM4sE.jpg His Excellency the Baron of Bogdan Malcesine, Chairman of the Council of Ministers Erlandе