Orbin Federation

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United Federation of Orbin Provinces

Praeter Opportunus Lumen
Capital cityOrb Town
Largest cityNew Bristol
EstablishedSeptember 4, 2000
CurrencyOrbin Dollar

The Orbin Federation was founded in 2000. It was originally created with the intention of providing characters and stories with a homeland/setting.


Orb's government is a Ministerial Oligarchy headed by a President and Prime Minister. The Prime Minister serves as the vice president should something happen to the President. The ministers of each ministry make up the senate, which frequently squabbles with Parliament. Each Ministry controls something different. The Ministry of Technology, for instance, is in charge of computers. The Ministry of family, is in charge of marriage and childbirth, and serves as child protective services. The President is voted for every five years and the Prime Minister every four.


Orb's military is well trained and prepared to defend their nation. The army is reasonably small, but powerful. They say an Orbin sodlier dosn't bruise easily and heals quickly. The navy is very strong and capable of invading any coast. But the crown jewel is the ROAF (Royal Orbin Air Force) whose jets are amoung the fastest and most powerful in all the world. Orb has the greatest air force in the world, second only to the United States. In the Iraq War and Cold War before that, Orb remained neutral.

Administrative Divisions

Orb is separated into seven provinces: (from east to west) Orbin Area, Luna Vista, Gomez, North Port, South Port, Great Duck Island, Cockburn Island. Following World War I it was divided into 3 provinecs, Orbin Area, Luna Vista, and North Port. South Port Territory was created as a province some years later. There were disputes over whether Luna Vista or North Port should house Walkerville, Orb's educational center, so it was kept as a separate territory until 2007, when Gomez Province was created and Walkerville had its own province.

Cockburn Island was also disputed between North Port and South Port, so it was kept as a territory in a similar fashion to Walkerville. These disputes were normally somewhat quiet, but at times could get very heated. In 2002 the nation came dangerously close to a civil war over the Cockburn Island Territory. This dispute ultimately ending with Cockburn Province being created. Shortly afterward, Great Duck Island, a county in South Port, which had once been a nation of its own but had ceded into Orb in 1911, started calling for its own province, reasoning "If Orb Town will grant province hood to a territory with barely 1000 people, then why wont it grant it to an island of 300,000 people with a long, illustrious history including former sovereignty!?"

The following year Great Duck Island Province was created. The map of Orb stayed unchanged until November 2007. After another threat of civil war, and in response to the increasing demands that the sparsely populated region, Gomez Province was created and Walkerville was made its capital. Things remained quiet until in March 2008, when the people living in the region just south of Gomez, started requesting (and later demanding) their own province. The province, if created, will be called Manitouba, a cross between Manitoba and Manitoulin, Orb's main island.


Orb is located in northern Lake Huron. Its main island is Manitoulin Island, but it also possesses Great Duck Island to the south and Cockburn Island (Koh-Bern) to the west. It also controls several unpopulated islands in the Georgian Bay and North Channel, including Lonley Island, and Clapperton Island.


Although Orb's terrain is mostly forest, Manitouiln itself is a very mountainous island. However, there are plains Gomez province. Along the shore of South Port Province is a long beach with caves, cliffs and forests. Along this beach are a number of small fishing communities that have existed since the 1800s.

Cockburn Island is almost entirely forest and Great Duck Island is not much different, but has a beach along the east shore of the island. In the southeastern corner of Orbin Area province is a massive bog that floods from time to time. Separating the North Bay and the South Bay is the nation's tallest mountain; Muffler Mountain. The mountain is surrounded on all sides by an almost impenetrable forest.


Orbin society is somewhat of a mix between Canadian and American culture. It also has its own culture that features severel elements that the latter's culture are devoid of. The capital city, Orb Town was the first white settlement on the island. Each city has it's own distinct flavor and feeling. New Bristol, for instance, has a very utopian feeling, a very positive, beautiful place, as if it were a dream; South Manitou,is like the town of Pensacola, FL, very beachy and almost tropical; Fitzwilliamburg is similar to New Orleans, especially in that it has a flooding problem.


Orb has three premier TV networks: OBC, Needle, and ORB. OBC was established in 1949 and it serves as an all-purpose station. Needle was created in 1968 and is purely entertainment. It is called Needle because it has "TV so good you'll be sewed to your couch" ORB was founded in 1984 and is considered to the poor man's OBC. Orb has a national newspaper, Verity, and many city papers. Orb has many kinds of radio stations. OBC was first created in 1922 as a radio station.


Orb, being a western nation, has a vast pop culture. Its main children's' TV show is Mr. Greenbeans, which has been on the air since 1952. Every few years someone proposes to end the series and a massive controversy is begun. One official at Hagson Studios (the studio where Mr. Greenbeans is made, suggested ending the series and replacing it with a new one starring the same character, with the proposed name The New Adventures of Mr. Greenbeans in the 21st Century. However, the idea was cut and the official fired because the name was deemed "To danged long!" A movie starring Mr. Greenbeans is to come out between May and July 2009, called The Adventures of Mr. Greenbeans (In 3D!).

Another major TV show which has been running on Orbin airwaves since August 4, 1964, called The McDugans, a light hearted sitcom about a typical (but wacky) Orbin family (the McDugans) who go through the typical things a family goes through, ranging from getting an "F" on a test to the eldest son doing drugs. However, this plot idea can no longer be used as drugs were made legal in Orb in 1977. It also covers positive things, ranging from going on a camping trip and everything goes crazy to being in a TV commercial. There have been three propositions to end this series also, all three were badly received (and the employee who suggested sometimes even being fired).