Orangeye Leouis

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Orangeye Leouis
Oragngeye Lewis
Orangeye Louis
Photo taken before the 2013 Governorial Elections of Frieden
General Secretary of the Friedenish Bleuberrieist Party
Created office
August 25th
Predecessor None
Successor Incubent
Chairman of the Jaroom Revolutionary Council
Assumed office
September, 2013
Predecessor Office Disestablished
Successor Incumbent
Member of Parliament
Elected office
November 13, 2013
Nationality Friedenish
Political party Bleuberriest Party of Frieden
Residence New Tripoli, Frieden
Religion Islam
Military service
Allegiance Friedenish Defense Force
Service/branch Friedenish People's Navy
In service 2013-Current
Rank Field Admiral

Orangeye Leouis is a Friedenish Politician and actor. He served as Leader of the Short Lived Kingdom of Jaroom, and led to the Creation of the "Plush Toy Citizenship act." Signed by President Jacob Lewis before joining Juclandia.

Political career

Orangeye's political career began in August 2013, when the "Jaroom Rebellion" occurred. The plush toys of the Town of Jaroom, in the Guldagish Federation of Frieden. He served as the Chairman of the Revolutionary council. He also served as the King of the Short lived Kingdom of Jaroom, after it declared independence.

When Frieden became independent, he attempted to run for the Position of Governor. He ended up getting into the 2nd round,loosing to Kamer Camel. Today, he serves as a member of Parliament, living in Baroom, New Tripoli.

List of notable offices

  • Green flag.jpg Chairman of the Friedenish Bleuberrist Party
  • 3-2-1.png King of the Jaroom Kingdom,
  • 3-2-1.png Chairman of the Jaroom Revolutionary Council., '
  • Green flag.jpg Parliament Member
  • Green flag.jpg Chair of the Committee of Culture
  • Green flag.jpg 2nd Selectman of the Town of Baroom
  • Green flag.jpg New Tripoli Recruitment Center manager.

Military career

Leouis serves in the Friedenish Defense force, and in the Navy of the Friedenish Military.

  • Green flag.jpg - Feild Admiral of the Friedenish People's Navy
  • 3-2-1.png - His Majesty

Awards and decorations

After the fall of the Kingdom of Jaroom, the Friedenish Government decided to award Orangeye with the Order of the Soaring Eagle, for bravery.

  • Colonial Cross ribbon.png - Order of the Soaring Eagle