Operation Kaiser

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Operation Kaiser
part of the New European Civil War
Date: 29 November 2009 - 1 December 2009
Place: Mid. West, East Coast, New Europe
Result: Decisive Loyalist strategic victory

NE War Ensign.png Loyalist Army

Coleraine flag.png Kingdom of Coleraine

Fascist Army ensign.png Fascist Army

NE War Ensign.png Queen Catherie I
Ensign.jpg King Seán III

Fascist Army ensign.png Reich Führer Johannus von Ikner
Fascist Army ensign.png Vice-Führer Ryan Lahiff  #
Fascist Army ensign.png General Vaughn Bullock
NE War Ensign.png Loyalist: 36
Ensign.jpg Colerain: 3
Fascist Army ensign.png Fascist: 49

NE War Ensign.png 9 wounded
Ensign.jpg 1 wounded

Fascist Army ensign.png 16 wounded

Operation Kaiser is the code name for an offensive by Loyalist forces during the New European Civil War. It was named for the return of Emperor Wilhelm to New Europe, who would take command of the loyalist army.


By the 27 November 2009, Loyalist forces had secured a wartime alliance with the Kingdom of Coleraine. And also managed to secure majority of New Europe's online resources and sites. Within a day safe contact with the exiled emperor was established and it was descided that Queen Catherie I would organize an offensive to secure a victory on the Eastern Front and advances on the Northern Front.

The emperor however managed to secure safe passage back to New Europe with his family. And this proved to be the motivation loyalist troops needed to advance.

The Offensive

In the afternoon of November 29, Both the Loyalist Army in the south and east and the Colerain Army in the west had taken up their positions and at 5:03 CST the command was given to charge the enemy lines on all fronts.

Battle of the Mississippi

In order to affectively drive back the Fascist Army in the west the Colerain Army would have to cross the Mississippi River. And so the fascists sent troops to guard the east bank of the river and prevent them from crossing. The Colerain managed to cross the river five miles north of where the fascist had been waiting. And the circled around from behind and captured 2 men and wounded 2 others. They only had 1 man wounded. From there the Colerain easily captured 12 counties in Illinois east of the river and met up with loyalist troops advancing northward with ease.

Seige of the City of Hartford

While Queen Catherine I focoused on her advances north she let Major Nicholas Bender take the field command in the east. And after chasing the retreating fascists to the Connecticuter border, and obtaining authorization from the emperor, they began to advance into the sate and an three hours after the order to charge was given the siege of Hartford, the Connecticut capital, began. The siege lasted most of the night and restarted in the early morning. And at 8:36 A.M. EST Vice-Führer Lahiff surrendered and was captured.

Return from Exile

At 8:21 P.M. EST on the 30th of November the emperors plane had landed in Charlotte, North Carolina. His exile was declared over but it was descided not to formally restore the crown until the war was over. And Ryan Evans stepped down as acting commander-in-cheif in favour of the returned monarch.

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