Operation Free Shelly and Fish Sticks

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Operation Free Shelly and Fish Sticks
Clip from a YouTube video of the raid showing the Ponderosan soldier participating in the raid talking into the intercom of the compound
Date09:10-11:47 PDT (16:10-18:47 UTC), 19 September 2020
(2 hours and 37 minutes)
Result Status quo ante bellum, Ponderosa Hills claims victory

PRPH flag.svg Ponderosa Hills
Supported by:

Church of Scientology logo.png Church of Scientology

Commanders and leaders
PRPH flag.svg Leon Montan
Flag of New Eiffel.svg Zarel Smith
Church of Scientology logo.png David Miscavige
Units involved
National Liberation Army Possibly Sea Org
3 Unknown
Casualties and losses
None None

Operation Free Shelly and Fish Sticks[1][2], commonly known as the Ponderosan Scientology raid, was a raid by the Ground Forces of the National Liberation Army, the military of Ponderosa Hills, on a compound of the Church of Spiritual Technology, a puppet organization of the Church of Scientology, located in Tuolumne City, a Ponderosan town.

Discord user Maximilian von Schroeder making a joke about the raid on 17 September 2020


In 1988, 18768 First Avenue was purchased by two individuals, William and Donna Daniels. They handed the property over to Norman Starkey that same year, who in turn gave the property to the Church of Spiritual Technology in 1993, with construction beginning in 1997. The property is now known as Lady Washington Mine.

After finding out that the Church of Spiritual Technology owned land near his house, Leon Montan decided that he would order a raid said land on the 18 September 2020. Due to the proximity of the compound to Leon Montan's house (about 8 kilometres), it was decided that the National Liberation Army would raid the compound. The raid was scheduled to begin at approximately 4:00 PM UTC, with plans of the raid being completed at 5:00 PM UTC, 18 September.

Leon Montan learning of the compound's existence and telling TOES about it on 16 September 2020


At 09:10 local time, an anonymous Ponderosan soldier, who was likely Leon Montan left Arastraville on bicycle, before reaching a local gasoline station to purchase a bag of candy and a large cup of Sierra Mist. The soldier reached the compound at about 10:30, and spent about 5 minutes there. They said "Oi, hello, I am L. Ron Hubbard, uh, if you could let me in, that would be splendid. Thank you very much." into the compound's intercom system[3], before leaving to wait for a rendezvous at the local park of Tuolumne City and arriving back in Arastraville at around 11:47 local time.[4]