Operation Black Toxic

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Operation Black Toxic
DateApril–July, 2013
Melbourne, Australia (now Thompsontown, Phelons and St Nikola, Oelin, Suntrain)

STSO victory

  • Safety of Kannangara ensured
  • Safety of Legion of Carwatha College P-12 Girls ensured
  • Fall of Legion of Carwatha College P-12 Girls ensured and peace ensured temporarily
Flag of the STSO.png 1529.png Secret Taskforce of Special Operations
300px-Flag of Australia.svg.png Ahas Kannangara
Flag of CCP12.png Legion of Carwatha College P-12 Girls
Commanders and leaders
1529.png Dominik Kustura
1529.png Patrick Hernandez
1529.png Alexander Vu
1529.png Mai Thonyai
Flag of CCP12.png Paige Perdon
Flag of CCP12.png Kristina Moreno
Flag of CCP12.png Elma Fekovic
Flag of CCP12.png Bella Pyatt-Jenkins (from April, 2013 to mid-June, 2013)
15 special operations personnel
5 STRIKER Deadly Bow Weapons
About 5-7 inexperienced girls
No weapons
Casualties and losses
0 deaths or injuries 0 deaths, 2 minor injuries