One for All

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One for All (14A)
Vice PresidentMitza2k
IdeologyFBU nationalism
Social democracy
Political positionLeft-wing
SloganRO: Unde-s mulți puterea crește.
EN: There is strength in numbers.
Seats in Șuetă
5 / 7
3 / 3

One for All (acronym: 14A) is a center-left, social-democratic party from Brotherhood of the United Blocks (FBU) that supports and promotes the following core values: a politics of excellence, a just society and a participatory democracy. 14A is one of the two main political parties and currently holds the governing position following the 2022 general elections.

The party firmly believes in the power of unity as a fundamental aspect of societal progress, emphasizing that ”there is strength in numbers”. By joining forces and working collectively, society can achieve its goals and provide support, as opposed to individual efforts.

Political vision

According to the statute, the political vision is as follows:

  • Pro-monarchy: supporting constitutional monarchy as a form of government.
  • Pro-Ciupitism: advocating for Ciupitism as the state religion.
  • Participatory democracy: involving citizens in decision-making through parliamentarians and, if necessary, referendums.
  • Economy: promoting a free market economy with some state involvement.
  • Officials: increasing the number of public positions.
  • Houses: construction of social housing for citizens.
  • Minecraft: establishing regulations for constructions.


The leadership of 14A is elected for a two-year term and consists of:

  • The Party President (PP) who serves as the political leader of the party and the primary representative in the political and social sphere of FBU. The PP establishes the party's mode of operation and organization through a political program.
  • The Vice Party President (vPP) is appointed by the Party President and assumes the role in case of the President's temporary or permanent absence.


Party President (PP) Term start Term end Notes
Mibu 2018 2020 He founded the party and had no opponents in the internal elections.
2020 25 December 2021 He was removed from office following a vote of no confidence.
J.Vazir 26 December 2021 1 October 2022 He announced his retirement from politics and resigned from the position of PP.
Mibu 2 October 2022 Incumbent

Party Assembly

The party assembly (elective or ordinary) is the means through which the party leadership engages with party members. Any member of 14A (One for All) can attend the party meeting and contribute to the decision-making process within the party.

  • Elective: It is organized once every two years for the election of the party leadership. In the event that the Party President no longer represents the interests of the party, a request from 25% of the members can convene a meeting. Candidates for the position of Party President will present their political program to the members, followed by a vote. The candidate who receives the majority of votes is declared the Party President.
  • Ordinary: It is convened by the Party President and can address legislative and governmental projects, as well as proposed changes to the party's statute or any project of vital importance to party members.

Electoral results

In the year 2018, despite winning 3 out of 7 mandates in Șuetă and securing the first position, the party had to form a minority government. However, in the subsequent elections, the party managed to form majority governments.

Election Party President Seats in Șuetă Position
# % #
2018 Mibu
3 / 7
3 1
5 / 7
2 Steady 1
2022 Mibu
5 / 7
Steady 0 Steady 1