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Official users StateofValeksandriaflag.jpg State of Valeksandria
Pegged to Flag of Croatia.pngCroatian kuna (lower value),
Flag of the EU.pngEuro (lower value)
Symbol Ω
Code OMG
Plural Omega
Coins none
Banknotes 10 OMG, 20 OMG, 50 OMG, 100 OMG, 200 OMG
Central bank Bank of Valeksandria
Printer Bank of Valeksandria

The Omega (symbol: Ω; code: OMG) is currency unit of State of Valeksandria. Banknotes were designed by Valeksandar, first and current president of State of Valeksandria. Banknotes are issued and controled by Bank of Valeksandria. Amounts are written with sign (Ω) before the amount (e.g. Ω20). Counterfeiting is punishable by law of Valeksandria.


Currency was official since the establishment of State of Valeksandria, and several series were printed in 2015, 2016 and 2017 (19 February 2017). Banknotes from 2017 are only ones legal for use (they are really rare because Omega is more a digital currency). Name is coming from 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet.

Banknotes (2017)

Banknotes of Ω200 don't have serial number; others have A000000A serial number system.

Image Value Colour Description Date of Issue
10 omega 2017 specimen.png Ω10 Blue Leonardo da Vinci and his inventions February 19, 2017
20omegaspecimen2017.png Ω20 Orange Rabbit February 19, 2017
50 omegaSPECIMEN.png Ω50 Green Coat of Arms of Urbis February 19, 2017
100 omegaspecimen.png Ω100 Red Solar System made of astronomical symbols February 19, 2017
200omegaspecimen.png Ω200 Purple Pi February 19, 2017