Oligarchy of South Willard

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The Oligarchy of South Willard is a micronation based south of and in southern Willard.

Oligarchy of South Willard

Three stars, three leaders
Rise, O Voices of South Willard
Capital citySalisbury
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameSouth Willard
DemonymWillader (Will-uh-dur)
- OligarchDustin
- OligarchQuintin
- OligarchAndrew
LegislatureNational Congress
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 3
Established28th of October, 2018
Area claimed3.82 square miles
Time zoneCentral Standard Time (CST)
National sportFootball & Soccer
National animalDeer


The Nation of South Willard was created on Sunday the 28th of October 2018 in the same day it quickly turned into an Oligarchy which the Leader Dustin of the Army contacted Quintin now named Leader Quintin of Foreign affairs and Economy and then Andrew which is in charge of multiple things and helps the other two on certain things and sometimes works on his own things.

The Capital of South Willard is Sofia was created on Tuesday October the 30th 2018 and the Territory of Lee named after Leader Dustin’s passed Grandpa was created the same day and Sofia is in the Territory of Lee.

We joined the Blitz Pakt on November the 4th 2018 at 6:57 PM The Blitz Pakt is an Anti Communist pact that is only accompanied by some of the best micronations out there willing to join and was founded by Das neue Kaiserreich.


The Geography of South Willard may be big in terms of Micronations but it may not be as big as you think as most of the land is technically owned by other People, Companies, and the US Government. It's also like a forest covered in tall grass and trees and there may be a lot of people living in South Willard they are technically not citizens since people have lived here before the Nation but we like to say they are immigrants from the United States who just don't have passports but they are here under “Native Privileges”.


Das_Neue_KaiserReich, Kurttm_republic, Kingdom of San Corvania The F.U.T.U.R.E

At War With




Named after Leader Dustin's passed Grandpa named Lee It was made the same day as the Capital Tuesday October the 30th of 2018


The most northern part of the OSW. It is the financial hub of the OSW and also where all the education is located. It was created on November 8 the same day it was annexed from the USA, The territory of Nordensmittel was founded by Andrew Orfin.


A large residential territory in the heart of OSW. It contains very few stores and has a decent amount of farm land. Massania was founded by Andrew Orfin on November 8.


Capital Salisbury The City of Salisbury was first settled by the Leader Dustin L.P on the date of Tuesday October the 23rd In 2018 which is the first city ever made in South Willard, and was declared the Capital on the same day, The original name of the capital was Sofia but on November the 21st 2018 it was changed to Salisbury to honor the Rhodesians.


As shown by the name this is the city of food. This city has a higher density of restaurant then any other city in South Willard. Also this city has a lot of other commercial buildings. To the west the main residential zone is where most people live in Essenstadt. This city was founded by Andrew Orfin on November 8.


A city named after the first on duty military member with the last name Burlison his alias is Jordan Bishop he has it to protect his identity.


Autumn Ridge Colony

This colony was first settled at by Quintin Myers Thursday, November 8 and is near the American state of Iowa.