Ofter Nation

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04/05/2018: Ofter has been found. 0/05/2018: New National Anthem: These golden valleys – dear Ofter,

The courageous spirit of your ancestors is with you!

Let gird, oh Fatherland!, your brow with olive

By the divine archangel of peace,

For in heaven your eternal destiny

Was written by the finger of God.

Motherland, would be always filled of happiness

Us all your children: Abanyarwanda.

Nourished in the lively source of the Revolution,

The volunteers for liberty and peace

With their nocturnal and beneficial energies of the 4th of August

Had not only hand arms, but also and above all

The flame in their hearts lawfully to free

Faso forever from the fetters of those who

Here and there were polluting the sacred soul of independence and sovereignty.

Beloved Ofter, thy sons,

Proud builders of thy greatness,

All not mustered together for thy glory,

In joy will we construct thee.

Blessed gift (Ofter) of our forefathers (Ofter),

Oh beloved (Ofter) country,

We shall people your soil and ensure your greatness.

Democratic Republic of the Congo